Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top 3 coolest-looking units

So, how things will go here, is that every Wednesday, I will post the 3 units/armies/models that are top in the relevant categories. So, this week, it is all about models that either have a really cool paint scheme, cool model, or (most likely) both!

1. Blood Angels Lemartes

The old model was pretty awesome, but just look at this new one. Feast your eyes on it. As if Chaplains weren't cool enough already, they went and made one insane. Look me in the face, and tell me that isn't cool. Just look at me and say that.

Sculptor: Juan Diaz

Date of release: April 3rd, 2010.

2. Space Wolves Canis Wolfborn

Missing out only by a narrow margin of coolness, Canis is one of the new characters from the new Space Wolves codex. I don't know about you, but for me, the idea of howling drunk space marines riding into battle on a giant wolf is just cool.

Sculptor: Martin Footitt

Date of release: October 3rd, 2010

3. Blood Angels Gabriel Seth

Notice the Marine theme here? I think GW is a little biased towards the Sons of the Emperor, don't you? Anyway, Gabriel scrapes 3rd after two of his Spesh Mahween comrades for the beautifulness of his model. I really like the extreme forward momentum on this model, and his big chainsword as it swings forward to kill his enemies. Emperor protect those who get on the wrong side of this guy.

Sculptor: Juan Diaz

Date of Release: April 3, 2010

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