Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Collecting Space Wolves

As I have mentioned before, I play Chaos normally, but they were built with the intention of being more of a "friendly" army. However, I'm beginning to think about possibly entering a tournament or two, and the first army that came to mind were the Space Wolves. They have a similar play style to Chaos, except for everything is better. Besides, they look really cool! Seeing as the normal tourney size army in the nether regions of the known world where I come from is 1,750 points, you have room for some very nicely sized armies. The army list that I am going to collect to is fairly versatile, has a good model count, and is terrifying in combat, while also being competent from range.

Wolf Lord w/ Thunderwolf, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Wolftooth necklace, Saga of the Bear.

Wolf Lord w/ Thunderwolf, Wolf claw, Storm Shield, Wolftooth necklace, Saga of the Warrior Born.

Master of Runes w/ Jaws of the World Wolf, Tempest's wrath, meltabombs

5 Wolf Guard, all w/ Powerfist, Stormbolter

(x4) 7 Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Rhino

10 Fenrisian Wolves

6 Long Fangs w/ 5 missile launchers, pack leader

So, the Wolf Guard will split amongst the Grey Hunter squads and the Long Fangs, the two Wolf Lords will join the Fenrisian Wolves to form a close combat juggernaut. Standard deployment for this army will be as follows; Long Fangs in the position which gives them the best line of sight to the battlefield, the rhinos with the Grey Hunters and the Master of Runes will deploy in a wall, with the Wolf Lords and Fenrisian wolves behind them. After that, general advance, pretty Space Wolf-ish stuff, aka, kill everything, show no mercy, loot and pillage, etc.

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