Monday, September 27, 2010

Tau Empire Broadside Battlesuits

For the third installment in the Tau empire tactics series, we will look at Broadside Battlesuits Broadside Battlesuits are one of the most deadly anti-tank specialists in the game, being armed with the dreaded twin-linked Railgun. The Railgun is a very useful weapon, with 72" range, S10, AP1, Ordinance 1. I have seen one of these claim a total of 3 vehicle kills on one game. As a secondary weapon, the Broadsides have a Smart Missile System, allowing them to not automatically die to infantry. The one thing you have to do with these guys, is keep them mobile. This can be a problem when you're lugging Ordinance around, but never fear, for the Tau have a solution to that problem. Every Broadside in each team must take a Battlesuit Support system, and must take the same one. The one you want is Advanced Stabilization System, to make them slow and purposeful, meaning that, though they will move slowly, will be able to fire while moving. Here is the unit that I have concluded is the best one you can take:

2 Broadside battlesuits w/ Advanced stabilization Systems, Shas'vre w/ Hard-wired drone controller, 2 gun drones - 190 points

Because of the drones, this unit has a total of 6 wounds. Not bad for 190 points, 2 Railgun shots, and can fire on the move. The best thing you can do with this unit, is to keep it advancing in cover, while targeting enemy vehicles as priority. If enemies get too close, you can use your Smart Missile Systems, or if you think you can handle them, then by all means, assault.

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