Monday, September 27, 2010

Battle Report: Imperial Guard vs. Blood Angels

*Blurry dreadnoughts FTW*

So, it's time for the first battle report for our blog! Since it IS in fact the first, it should naturally be pretty...not awesome. As such, I forgot to take pictures and take many notes. Don't worry, I'll remember next time...
Anyway! I was playing my guard against my brother's Blood Angels. He is an excellent player, and definately knows what he's doing.
My Army List:
-Command Squad, 2 meltas, 2 flamers
-Psyker Battle Squadron, 1 overseer, 8 dudes
-Chimera, multilaser and heavy flamer
-Veterans, 3 meltaguns
-Chimera, multilaser and heavy flamer
-Veterans, 3 meltaguns
-Chimera, multilaser and heavy flamer
-Veterans, 3 meltaguns
-Chimera, multilaser and heavy flamer
-Penal Legion
-Penal Legion
-Penal Legion
-Vendetta, 3 TL lascannons, 2 heavy bolters
-Vendetta, 3 TL lascannons
-Collossus, siege mortar and heavy bolter
-Leman Russ, battle cannon and heavy bolter
His Army List:
-Librarian, terminator armour, storm shield, knows blood lance and S10 power
-Assault Terminators, all 5 have thunder hammers and storm shields
-Sanguinary Priest, terminator armour, storm shield, power weapon
-Sanguinary Guard, 2 have infernus pistols
-10 man assault squad, split into 2 5 man squads. 1 had 2 meltaguns, 1 had a powerfist
-10 man assault squad, split into 2 5 man squads. 1 had 2 meltaguns, 1 had a powerfist
-5 man assault squad, 1 meltagun, 1 power fist
Mission: 3 objectives, pitched battle. We both rolled off, I got a 2 and he got a 6. He made me go first.
Deployment: Since I was going first, I spread out my forces a little bit. (4 chimeras in the middle with collossus behind them. Leman russ covering the flank, penal legion sit on objectives in wait.)I load my rending penal legion and command squad into vendettas to prepare for an alpha strike. We were both using our lists for the first time, so I expected standard deployment.
I was wrong, my mind went blank when he told me he was deep striking everything. As mechanized Imperial Guard, I was in a little bit of trouble.
Turn 1: I try to bubble-wrap my exposed vehicles with guardsmen, knowing that a ton of melta will be thrown at me next turn. Nothing to shoot at.
Turn 2: Further bubble-wrapping. I try to spread my tanks out a little bit to avoid blood lance. I zoom my vendettas to the left flank with my russ. I do this to prevent Dante from plopping behind it in cover, and to claim the cover save. It also gave them a good field of fire.
Thanks to the Descent of Angels rule, everything but a single 5 man assault squad comes in. No mishaps. Dante/sanguinary guard, terminators/librarian/priest, a power fist assault squad, and a dual meltagun assault squad plop on my right flank, which consists of my chimeras and my collossus. Another 5 man squad plops in front of my chimeras, while a power fist squad scatters back into the middle of the table. His shooting is rather bad, dante and the sanguinary guard blow up a chimera, and a dual meltagun squad stuns another chimera.
Turn 3: I figure that he will blow up and kill my veterans in the stunned chimera next turn, anyway, so I hop them out of their transport to shoot something. Between them and the other veteran squad on the right, there were 6 meltaguns going against Dante and the sanguinary guard. 3+ to hit...all 6 of them hit! 2+ to wound... all 6 wound! all of the sanguinary guard die, as well as Dante, who rolls a 2 on his invulerable save. Vendettas blast the terminators, killing 2. Collossus shells the assault squad that scattered backwards, killing 3 of them. Random multilaser fire kills an assault marine from the dual meltagun squad. Penal Legion and the only veteran squad still in its chimera shoot at the squad in front of them which is contesting the central objective, killing 3. The psychopath penal legion charge into the remaining 2 assault marines and wipe them out without casualties.
His final assault squad comes in, he drops it on his objective to claim it. His meltagun squad blows up the empty, stunned chimera, killing one of their own guys. Terminators multi-assault the 2 veteran squads that killed Dante. One of the veteran squads holds, and ties the terminators up in combat. The other veteran squad runs off of the table. He charges the 2-man powerfist squad into my psychopath penal legion. Tie combat, 1 marine dies as well as 1 psychopath.
Turn 4: Most of my stuff misses, but a few random marines die. The terminators manage to kill my remaining veterans.
His assault marines hide, terminators assault some chimeras, stunning and taking the multilaser off of one. His 4 man squad helps the single remaining assault sergeant kill the psychopath penal legion.
Turn 5: My shooting is almost completely ineffective. I kill a single marine from the 4 man squad. At this time, he has 3 terminators, 1 librarian, 1 priest, a 1 man assault squad, a 3 man assault squad and a 5 man assault squad hiding on his objective.
His turn is just as uneventful as mine, a chimera is immobilized. If the game ends, it will be a tie...
but it continues!
Turn 6:I take his 3 man squad down to 1 man. I pour tons of shots into his termies, managing to kill both the librarian as well a single terminator. That's enough for a leadership check! I attempt to use weaken resolve on his termies to make them flee and win me the game... double sixes! Perils of the warp...3 guys die and cost me the game if it ends here...
His single assault marine rushes to contest my objective, while his termies beat back my command squad (who got out to shoot at them), leaving none of my guys to contest the central objective which is being held by yet another 1 man assault marine...
The roll to see if the game ends...a 5, it continues. (phew!)
Turn 7: Between 3 meltaguns, a battle cannon, 3 heavy bolters, 3 twin linked lascannons and a multilaser, none of the terminators fall. Nothing is left but my lasgun penal legion...18 strength 3 shots fire at his many wounds? SEVEN! His sanguinary priest eats it, as well as a termy. The squad now consists of a single terminator...I use weaken resolve. He fails his leadership check since he is at leadership 4. A vendetta kills the 1 man assault squad contesting my objective. My rending penal legion leaps from their vendetta to charge the 1 man assault squad contesting my home objective. 31 rending attacks, 18 wounds, not a single roll of 6 to wound. He makes the 3 saves he must make to survive.
His turn, he can't do anything. His terminator is still running away, his 5 man squad is holding his objective, and his 1 man squad is tied up in combat. His 1 assault marine kills a penal legion guy, but is finally jabbed by a bunch of tiny knives.
Game Ends,
Imperial Guard:2
Blood Angels: 1
It was a close game, and both of us had horrible and good luck at the same time. Neither of us had used our lists before, but he almost had me. Now, this battle report is waaay too long and time I promise I'll just have pictures with captions.

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