Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tau Empire: Putting it all together

Over the last couple of days, I have discussed the ups, downs, tactics, and upgrades that you can use for various units. Now, It's time to put my money where my mouth is, and put all of that into one, mega-uber-destructor army. So, here goes:

Shas’el commander w/ Hard-wired multi-tracker, plasma rifle, Missile pod, hard-wired drone controller with 2 shield drones. 2 Crisis bodyguards w/ Hard wired multi-trackers, plasma rifles, missile pods, targeting arrays.

3 Crisis Battlesuits, all with twin-linked flamers, drone controller, 2 gun drones

(x3) 6 Fire Warriors w/ Devilfish APC w/ Disruption Pod, Smart Missile System, Targeting Array, Multi-tracker

2 Broadside battlesuits w/ Advanced stabilization Systems, Shas'vre w/ Hard-wired drone controller, 2 gun drones

(x2) Sky Ray w/ smart missile system, multi-tracker, targeting array, disruption pod

This is a very mobile, very shooty, and overall, very scary list. Deployment for this army is very simple. On the flank with the most cover, you deploy your Broadsides. Then, have all of your tanks in the center of the battlefield, in a wall that will demolish your enemy's army. What you do with the battlesuits is up to your personal preferences, but you usually want to advance with them, along with the rest of the army. Now, one last thing, which seems obvious, but bears repeating: Stay out of assault range of enemies at all times! Once in assault, this army is finished, but with some canny maneuvering, you can stay in rage with your weapons, while staying more than 6" away from the enemy.

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