Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ork Nob Tactics

So, for the first Tactics article on My Brother, My Enemy, I'll be looking at Ork Nobz. My brother actually fields a very large squad of these in a truck, and don't get me wrong, it's a pain in the rear, but they aren't as effective as they could be. First let's just look at the basic stats. For 20 points, they are relatively cheap, with a good statline. Their one weakness seems to be their 6+ armor save. To rectify this, you're going to want to do one of three things; get Meganobz instead, put them in a Battlewagon, or, and this is the best option, put them all on Bikes. no matter what configuration you put them in, however, you need to give them a Painboy. I've played against a big squad of these guys led by a Painboy, and have decided that you need one. Another nice upgrade is the Waaagh! Banner, giving them a formidable WS5. Other upgrades are:

Bosspole: Useless, don't want to kill your own men.
Big Choppa: Mmmm, maybe, if you have the points.
Power Klaw: At least 3 of these in a mid-sized squad.
Stikkbombs: You'll probably be striking last anyway, but why not?
Twin Linked Shoota: Errr, no.
Kombi-Weapons: Possibly, if on foot.
Eavy Armor: Bikes are better, but I think it could be useful.
Ammo Runt: I don't think so.

Here is what I think is the optimised unit of Nobz:

7 Nobz w/ bikes, 3 power claws, Waaagh banner, painboy

Total points: 435 points.

Expensive, I know, but totally worth it. Toughness 5 and FNP makes them pretty much as hard as Plague Marines, and then you look at the 4+ armor, 4+ cover, and 3+ Invulnerable save if they turbo-boost, and see that they are pretty much unkillable, and will dish out some massive hurt, with each one with a choppa and slugga will do 5 S5 attacks on the charge, at I4. In fact, you could probably make an army with two of these, 2 Warbosses on bikes, to make these guys Troops, and then some boyz in trukks. That's a good list. I may have to look into this.

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