Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Simple Lasagna Plan

First of all, happy Thanksgiving!
Today, I bring you a semi-food related article to honor this fattening holiday. When I say "Simple Lasagna Plan", I speak not of meaty, cheesy, deliscious regular lasagna, but of my Eldar list/tactic that I call "The Simple Lasagna Plan". I know, you're probably like "Oh my god, what an awesome name!", but I actually got this name from misreading an article about a 'Simple Lasagna Pan' in Skymall. Now, onto the bulk of the article...
My Eldar have evolved quite a bit. I used to be a dedicated mechdar player, but now I am devoted to the simple lasagna. Before I go into the tactic, I will proudly state that my Eldar are undefeated. I have only had them for about a year, but that still counts for something.
Now, the simple lasagna plan has led to great success for me. It involves taking 3-6 10 man guardian squads for troops, fire dragons for elites, an avatar, and Eldrad.
Here's my 1500 point simple lasagna list:
-10 Fire Dragons (x2)
-10 Striking Scorpions, 1 exarch w/ scorpion's claw
-10 Guardians w/ a scatter laser (x5)
Heavy Support:
-3 War Walkers, scatter laser/shuricannons
TOTAL: 1497 points

Now, the key to simple lasagna is to split your army into two groups. Some of you are already thinking I'm a nut, but trust me. One of these groups will be offensive, and the other will be defensive. I've found that you need synergy between these two groups, or it may crumple.
I will now sum up the units in my army on how they use the simple lasagna plan to win.

-(Eldrad): I keep him with the scorpions. He is a part of the offensive group with them. His job is to advance about 4" behind the avatar, keeping the scorpions and avatar fortuned. Once he's slogged across the table with his retinue, they can pack a serious punch.

-(Avatar): I deploy him as far forward as I possibly can, as he is in the offensive group. If he's fortuned, he won't die. What's great is that the enemy will shoot at him over your squishy stuff, which is key to simple lasagnas. His primary job is to get shot at, and since he is so scary, he will do his job every time.

-(Fire Dragons): These guys will lurk around the flank through cover. They are in the offensive group, and their primary job is to suicide bomb hard targets. Always take your time and make sure these guys are behind the avatar, or they may take some fire. Don't be afraid to go to ground. These guys won't have much attention paid to them since the avatar is going maximum speed at the enemy, but they can pack a serious punch when they get there.

-(Striking Scorpions): These guys chill with Eldrad and advance with him. Keep them fortuned, keep them in cover. Once they get to the enemy line with Eldrad, they will chew through a lot of units.

-(Guardians): In the defensive group. If they can't really hurt anything, keep them out of line of sight. Their scatter lasers should bang up a lot, but always keep them in cover. If they take fire, always go to ground. These guys are the last thing the enemy should be shooting at if the offensive group is still alive, but they may get shot at occasionally. Their true purpose is to hold objectives and have an insane counter-attack. Not many infantry units can survive 20 S6 shots and 90 S4 shots.

-(War Walkers): Defensive. Keep them in cover, possibly behind some of the guardians. Their main job is to knock out transports for the offensive group and help protect the guardians.

Well, that's my simple lasagna plan. It has worked amazingly for me so far, since in all of my games using it, I have never lost more than 5 models. It has also won every game I've played with it. Remember, synergy is key, and never believe that mech is the only way to use Eldar!


  1. Congratz on going undefeated. Your post did leave me wondering just why you called this a lasagna plan. I get that you saw it in skymall, but how does it relate to 40k?

    And P.S. happy Thanksgiving to you as well...

  2. I think I have something that would explain the "lasagna" part.
    In the front, we have the offensive group. That's the top layer. Then we have a defensive group in the back, that's the lowest layer. Then we have eldrad, who serves as the "Meat" in the middle.
    It's a VERY simple lasagna.
    But I don't think he meant it to be a lasagna strat.

  3. Honestly, it doesn't relate to 40k at all. I just desperately wanted to call something the 'Simple Lasagna Plan'.