Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ork tactics (Part 3 of 7): Elites

Hello, there again. You might have noticed that there are now going to be 7 parts of this tactics series. That is because I looked at the Ork codex recently, and it had a few more Heavy support choices than I originally thought, so i decided to divide it into two articles, because if I write a long article, it turns boring at about the 5th unit. You also may have noticed that I skipped Nobz in this article. That is because I have already written a tactics article for them If you want to read it, you can search in the search box above right.

What could possibly be better than Terminators? The answer is: Orks in Terminator armor! Well technically, it's Mega armor, but that's pretty much terminator armor that comes with a twin-linked shoota, and a powerklaw. And no invulnerable save. but still, pretty cool. They're slow and purposeful, so put them in a Battlewagon or, if you're feeling particularly saucy, a trukk.

On the Tabletop: In small games, I have seen three of these guys slaughter 6 Lictors (It was a kill team mission). No joke. In larger games, however, these guys seem to take the short end of the stick, or, rather, the demolisher rounds. At 40 points a very killable pop, they are very pricey, and if their ride gets crippled early on, that's a big chunk of your points moving at the rate of about 4 inches per turn. If you must take them, get them a Battlewagon, to survive longer, or a trukk, which, if id doesn't die, will take them into easy turn 2 assault range.

Burna Boyz:

Probably the most versatile unit in the Ork codex, armed with a flamer that doubles as a power weapon, they are a bargain at a mere 15 points per model. Taking unit of 12 Burnas in a trukk is a very good idea, and I have seen it win many a game.

On the Tabletop: At first glance, you may be tempted to throw this unit toward the nearest Tactical squad/Termagant brood and have at it, but, believe it or not, there is a more subtle way of using them. Hold them behind your battline and, when the inevitable 1s start falling, use them to fill in any gaps in the line, and watch as they either chop up those pesky Sanguinary Guard, or burn any little alien critters that try and have a go!Tankbustas:

Tankbustas are probably one of the most useful, and most overlooked, units in the Ork codex. Seeing as they come with rokkit launchas and dumbed-down meltabombs as standard, you would think that they got more of a look than they do. Alas, it is not to be. Though a standard Tankbusta is good, their upgrades are pretty good as well. Bomb squigs, as well as being amusing, are simply very good at what they do, which is being a suicide unit. Don't want to have to get into combat with that Dreadnought? A squig will be happy to blow it up for you.

On the tabletop: As with all orks, tankbustas have the quantity, and the quality, but not the accuracy. The best thing you can use Tankbustas for is to use their high strength, low AP weapons to bring down Monstrous Creatures, and transport vehicles. People tend to ignore Tankbustas for some reason, so you will almost certainly be able ot bag 2 or 3 targets before they get obliterated.


A truly wonderful unit, I have seen plenty of winning armies that include 45 lootas. They lend much needed long-ranged fire support to the rest of your army, which, being orks, will tend to be more close-ranged. In a unit of 15, ther D3 shots means that on average, you will be firing 180 shots per game! That's a lot of dead tanks.

On the Tabletop: The best thing you can do with lootas is to treat them like a Space Marine devastator squad; Find the highest point on the table, with the greatest fire lanes, and fire away! Be careful, however, that you target tanks as a priority, seeing as lootas are about the only unit in the ork codex that can reliably destroy armor 12 and under tanks.


The oddball unit of the Ork codex, Kommandos don't seem to have a point. They aren't particularly good at tank killing, they aren't particularly good at killing infantry, and they aren't troops. Sure, the fluff is cool, but they just don't seem to have a point.

On the Tabletop: If you must take them, the very least you must do is to giv ethem a Nob with a power klaw, a burna, and hold them in reserve to outflank. Then, you head straight for the most important unit in the backfield, say a Manticore that has been bugging you, and give it a ride to orky hell, courtesy of the power klaw.

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