Monday, November 1, 2010

Ork tactics (Part 2 of 6): Ork HQ

Hello again, folks! Today, for part two of the ork tactics series, we will look at the Ork non-special HQ.Warboss:

The Warboss is probably one of the most versatile choices in the game. Not very often taken, they are still a little gem of an HQ. The most popular configuration for a Warboss, when taken, is generally in Mega armor, making him a lot harder to kill, and if you want to splurge, you could also get him a Cybork body, to save him from those nasty Sergeants with powerfists, or power weapons squads.

On the tabletop: Usually, they are used as close combat support, and with their ability to make a single Nobz or Meganobz squad troops, a popular tactic is to have a Warboss in mega armor with a unit of 5 or so Meganobz just slaughter their way to an enemy objective, and dare them to try and take it from them.

Big Mek:

Probably the most commonly seen Ork HQ, these guys are very versatile as well. Their versatility, however, lies in their ability to be defensive, making them the polar opposite of the more offensive Warboss.

A popular configuration for the Big Mek is to give him an expensive Shokk Attack gun which, as well as being entertaining as heck, is also very effective at taking out large units, due to the 5" blast. This seems obvious, but it bears repeating, seeing as people now tend to focus on destroying vehicles. Another thing you can do is to give him a Kustom Force Field, and then put him in the middle of your Battlewagon wall, to help protect against all those melta/lance weapons that seem to be everywhere nowadays.


Not a very good choice, overall, simply for his unpredictability. Upgrading him to a Warphead lets you control him a little, but they are simply too unpredictable. They have some close combat ability, and they aren't super expensive, but still...

On the tabletop: Again, I personally wouldn't take one, but if you are willing to take a bit of a risk, then some of the powers he has access to are pretty useful. Nothing puts an enemy in his place like 30 shoota boyz teleporting behind their prize unit.

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