Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eldar HQ Choices (part 2)

So, part 2 in the post series about Eldar HQ. This one will take a look at the Phoenix Lords. The Phoenix Lords are immensely awesome and crazy, with some serious killing powerwith S4, T4, 3 wounds, 4 base attacks, 2+ save, initiative, weapon skill and ballistic skill 7. They are also fearless, eternal warrior, and make their unit fearless. In addition to this they all have tons of cool little toys.
With this epic statline, you're probably like "But Kasrkar, why aren't ALL Eldar players running these guys?!"
The sad, sad reason, is that most of them lack an invulnerable save. They are also about 200 points each. I've had some good fun with them, though, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Let's start with:

-Asurmen- Well known as the least versatile and probably worst Phoenix Lord alive, and the leader of the Dire Avengers. He has both defend (all enemy models fighting against his unit have -1 attack) and bladestorm (+1 shot on each gun in his unit, but they can't fire next turn). He also is the only Phoenix Lord with an invulnerable save (4+), which is pretty much his only perk against the other Lords. In close combat, he pretty much has a power sword that re-rolls misses and can inflict instant death. Doesn't seem too bad, right? Well...he's 230 points. Way too much in my book. Probably the 6th best of the 6 Phoenix Lords. -Baharroth- So basically, Baharroth is pretty bad. Maybe not as bad as Asurmen, but just maybe. He has all the wargear of a swooping hawk, (he's their leader) and he has a power weapon. That's about it. Other then giving his unit hit and run, he has a cool S5, 3 shot gun. Not much to say about him. He's fun, but not worth 200 points really. He DOES have a cool model, though. (shown below)
-Maugan Ra- The leader of the dark reapers, Ra is actually not that terrible. He has acute senses, and a really neat gun that can either have an extra shot, or re-roll to wound and ignore cover. His gun also has a S6 power weapon on yeah. Now more about his gun, its S6, AP5, and has 4 shots. It is also rending, and pinning with a 36" range. He's also one of the only Phoenix Lords under 200 points at 195! I would actually consider taking him if you need some long range and you don't have your HQ picked out yet.

-Fuegan- Basically, he's a pretty awesome Fire Dragon exarch. He has a S9 AP1 meltagun with 18" range that ignores cover, too, so that's nice. He also has feel no pain, making him slightly more survivable against weapons that don't ignore his armor. He also has S5, and attacks as a monstrous creature. That means he's ignoring armor and rolling 2d6+5 for killing vehicles in close combat. He's good, but I wouldn't take him since he's 205 points and probably won't do a whole lot.
-Karandras- This guy is actually pretty good. He and his unit have infiltrate, move through cover, and stealth. He also has a whopping 7 S9 power weapon attacks on the charge. He and his unit of Striking Scorpions could probably do a lot of damage. At 215 points, I would actually consider using him if you have some striking scorpions, and like to sneak around.

-Jain Zar- She is the cheapest Phoenix Lord at 190 points, as well as the Howling Banshee leader. She is pretty amazing in close combat. I've actually taken her before, and she did a lot, including killing the Emperor's Champion before he could attack, as well as dicing up a handfull of marines. With furious charge, she gets 5 S7 power weapon attacks at I10. She also has a 3 shot throwing weapon with S5 AP2. Not too bad, I would actually consider using her again if I had 190 points laying around.

Well that concludes part 2, I hope I've informed you of the Phoenix Lords and their sad points cost. Part 3 will be coming soon.

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