Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eldar HQ choices (part 1)

Today, I bring you yet another Eldar post. This will be the first of the posts about HQ in the Eldar codex. I will not be covering the Phoenix Lords yet. They deserve a post of their own. So, let's begin with the most well known and popular HQ choice...

- The Farseer: (Shown above)
Now, with a typical 'commander' statline, the farseer may not seem very special, other then the witchblade and 4+ invuln save. He is only 55 points, but this quickly adds up to around 150 as you give the farseer the wargear he needs. The Farseer is special in that you can give him as many of the multiple psychic powers available as you want. a few of these powers include: fortune (re-roll all failed saves on a friendly unit), doom (re-roll all failed wounds against a single enemy unit), guide (re-roll all failed hit rolls in the shooting phase against a single enemy unit), and eldritch storm (a S3 large blast template that is pinning). Able to use up to 2 powers per turn when upgraded with spirit stones and ride a jetbike, the farseer turns into the greatest support HQ in the Eldar codex, and possibly the game. My favorite layout, coming in at 155 points is the following: Farseer with runes of warding, runes of witnessing and spirit stones who knows doom and fortune. Probably a 4/5 on the usefulness scale.
- Eldrad:
Eldrad Ulthran is a special character farseer. He is very similar to a regular farseer, but with a lot of subtle upgrades. He has +1 toughness, a power weapon that wounds on a 2+, may use 3 powers per turn, and knows all psychic powers available to a farseer. He also allows the eldar player to redeploy D3+1 units before the game starts. I take him in almost every game I play, despite his 210 point pricetag. In my eyes, he is worth every point. A 5/5 on the usefulness scale. Not kidding, this guy works miracles.

- The Autarch: (Shown above)
The autcarch is a typical HQ. He has a really awesome statline, and can get equally awesome weapons. Other then adding +1 to your reserve rolls, he doesn't do anything for the army. All in all, he can have like a bajillion power weapon attacks, as well as a meltagun, so I can't complain. This guy can also ride a jetbike. This guy is able to get so many options, I won't even make an example. Basically, he can take any weapon in the Eldar codex that isn't heavy, and have any transportation method. A 2/5 on the usefulness scale.

- Yriel:
Prince Yriel is another special character. He however, is the autarch version. Basically, he is 155 points I believe, and has a few more tricks then a regular autarch. For one, he has a power weapon that wounds on a 2+ and counts as S9 against vehicles. Oh, he also has 4 base attacks. That's pretty much it. He can also choose to put a large blast template over himself instead of attack. S5 AP3 or something. This guy is pretty much a one-trick pony. He's good in close combat, and not really anything else. I've never taken him, and I'm not saying not to take him, but I think I'll stick with Eldrad. 2-3/5 on the usefulness scale.

-The Avatar of Khaine: (Shown above)

So basically, this guy is awesome. First of all, he's a monstrous creature. If that doesn't say enough, he's Weapon Skill 10, S6, T6, has 4 wounds, a 3+ save, 4+ invuln, has a meltagun, I6, and oh yeah, he only makes every unit with a model within 6 inches fearless. Able to wipe out entire units of space marines and their transport without getting hurt in return, and basically making an entire army fearless, you'd think this guy would be super expensive, right? Nope, hes 155 points. The same price as Yriel. Easily one of the best options in the codex, I highly suggest taking this dude. There are 2 down sides. The first is that the model is pretty stupid, the second is that you can only take one. Probably a 5/5 on the usefulness scale due to his cheap cost. He will likely make his points up to you every game, in addition to saving your guys from running off of the table.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If I don't forget like I did with my last post series, the next Eldar HQ post should cover the phoenix lords.

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  1. I've had massive success with Yriel. In a tournament, his accompanied harlequins all died to fire and then he charged into a grey hunter squad with attached wolf lord. Yriel did his eye of wrath, killed 9 of them (all were hit) and they wolves failed to kill him back. This meant that they lost the combat by 9!