Friday, April 29, 2011

Upcoming 1500 Tournament List and Thoughts

The 4th edition codex looked so much cooler...

Hey, folks, Kasrkar here, bringing you a quick post about an upcoming tourney.

My Imperial Guard will be attending May 7th, and hopefully doing as well as they did about a week ago.

Now, I haven't ever been to a 1500 point tourney, (or any other than 1000 points) so I figured that I would share my list with you folks. I have 8 days before it starts, so I'm open to suggestions. After the success of my 1000 point list, I tried to model this one after it a bit. Without further ado, here's the list I'm taking...


-Company Command Squad, 4 meltaguns (90)


-Psyker Battle Squadron, 8 dudes and an overseer (100)

-Chimera, multilaser/heavy bolter (55)


-Platoon Command Squad, 1 autocannon, 1 grenade launcher (45)

-Infantry Squad Alpha, commissar, autocannon (95)

-Infantry Squad Bravo, autocannon (60)

-Infantry Squad Charlie, autocannon (60)

-Veteran Squad Alpha, 3 meltaguns (100)

-Veteran Squad Bravo, 3 meltaguns, 1 autocannon (110)

-Chimera, multilaser/heavy bolter (55)

Fast Attack:

-Vendetta, 3 TL lascannons, carrying CCS (130)

-Vendetta, 3 TL lascannons, carrying vet squad alpha (130)

Heavy Support:

-Leman Russ Battle Tank, hull heavy bolter (150)

-Manticore, hull heavy bolter (160)

-Manticore, hull heavy flamer (160)

It adds up to exactly, 1500, naturally, and I'm pretty happy with it. Has a decent model count, good foundation, etc.

From my experience at the last tourney, I learned to always take a very balanced list. It seems that 1 player is always the offensive player, and the other is the defensive player. In the resulting war of attrition, it comes down to staying power and versatility of units. In the 1000 pointer, I was arbitrarily positioned to be the offensive player in 2/3 games, so from that point on, I've tried to include atleast SOME offensive units in my lists. This is seen here in the fast-moving melta and overall relatively mechanized force. With that, the blob is the core of my defensive deployment, and crucial for objective games.

Hoping that little tip will be useful, as I lucked out by taking a versatile list to that 1000 point tournament.

That sums up the article...tell me what you think, and don't forget to sub! Hopefully I can get Jaybie to post some stuff soon, as you're all probably getting tired of my cheesy guard.




  1. Nice list

    Just a thought- the autocannons in the Infantry squads might lose you mobility, if you are encouraged to lay down fire. Might be worth swapping for grenade launchers/plasma guns, so that you are free to move and threaten objectives.

    Just a thought:)

  2. You're actually quite right. Their lack of mobility really hurt me in the 3rd game of that 1k point tourney. Almost cost me the game. At 1500, I have the infantry squads as more of a defensive barrier/objective holder. I'm going to playtest some special weps next chance I get, though, as it sounds like a solid idea.