Saturday, April 23, 2011

Small, Nameless Tourney Results!

Hey, folks, Kasrkar here!

Just finished a little local tourney a few hours ago, and unfortunately, I completely forgot to take pictures. Either way, I thought I'd share the experience with you with some wordy summaries of the games.

Pictured above is a really terrible picture of the army I took. It was 1,000 points, and the force org was 0-1 HQ, 0-1 Elites, 0-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, and 0-1 Heavy Support. With that I'll give you my list, and then head straight into the first game.


  • Company Command Squad, 4 meltaguns


  • Psyker Battle Squadron, 7 psykers, 1 overseer

  • Chimera, multilaser/heavy bolter


  • Platoon Command Squad, 1 autocannon, 2 grenade launchers

  • Chimera, multilaser/heavy bolter

  • Infantry Squad Alpha, autocannon, commissar

  • Infantry Squad Bravo, autocannon

  • Infantry Squad Charlie, autocannon

  • Veteran Squad, 3 meltaguns, 1 autocannon team

  • Chimera, multilaser/heavy bolter

Fast Attack:

  • Vendetta Gunship, 3 TL lascannons

Heavy Support:

  • Leman Russ Battle Tank, battle cannon/HB

Round 1:

So, my first opponent actually turned out to be Jaybie and his chaos marines. This was a pretty quick and forward game. Deployment/mission was DoW annihilation. Basically, on my first turn, the vendetta blew up his vindicator, and various other shots wrecked one of his rhinos, pinning the guys inside, and did every possible non-destroyed result on the other rhino. His berzerkers and sorcerer managed 3 kill points, but by turn 5 he only had 1 unit, I had 6 KPs, and his only unit was choosing to hide. 1 victory goes to the guard

Round 2:

I'll start out by saying that my enemy this round was a huge sourpuss. He took one look at my list and decided to not even try, but to simply bunker up in a reinforced, LoS blocking building with his whole army. The mission was capture and control, and the deployment was pitched battle. His list consisted of Pedro, 2 tac squads in rhinos with fists, missle launchers and flamers, 2 multimelta attack bikes, a sternguard squad with 2 lascannons, and a thunderfire cannon. Basically, my infantry squads blobbed together and took my objective which was behind LoS, and the rest of my army (barring the vets in a vendetta) went on the offensive. As the turns went by, Pedro took 2 wounds, all of the sternguard died, the techmarine died, and the attack bikes died. On turn 3, my vendetta outflanked and zipped to the middle, failing to be harmed by the krak missle flying at it. On turn 4, things went pretty crazy, and I managed to wreck one of his rhinos, kill 8 of the marines inside, and cause them to flee, in addition to melting Pedro. On turn 5, my vendetta flew over some ruins to contest his objective. The game ended. I can't help but thing that the guy deserved to lose, since he wasn't even trying to win, and all he did during the game was frown at his dudes. For the record, he got 55/1,000 of my victory points. 2 wins for the guard...

Round 3:

Final game was against a really cool grey knights player named Allan, who certainly knew how to bring the hurt. Mission was sieze ground, with spearhead deployment. His list had 6 purifiers w/ a bunch of crazy junk, 5 terminators w/ 2 psycannons, a psyfleman, a beefed out librarian, 6 grey knights w/ a psycannon, and 2 psybolt heavy bolter razorbacks. To be frank, he was completely owning me for the first 5 turns. I was rolling pretty badly, and he was making every save. He also had 3 objectives to my 0 for 5 turns. I went into the game knowing that he could easily assault any unit off of his objective, so I decided to try to shoot him out of the objective-heavy center. This plan would have worked quite well, but Allan made pretty much every single cover/armor save he had to make at the start, and his firepower was not to be underestimated. Luckily, on turn 5, his high-rolling actually hurt him, as he rolled double 6s on the terminator leadership test, I had an immobilized chimera within 6" of them as well. We were told that due to time restrictions, turn 6 would be the last. After moving my psykers further out of pschic hood range, I managed to kill all but 1 of the grey knight strike squad members, and made my psychic test for weaken resolve. He rolls a 7 on his leadership, and they run off of the objectives, leaving us both with nothing...the game ends in a draw. After calculating victory points, I discovered that I had actually given him quite a thrashing, getting around 800 VPs to his 375. This also got me an unofficial tie-breaker victory. Allan was a fantastic player, and I'm very appreciative that I had the chance to play against him. He ended up coming in 3rd place overall, and had I not tied him, he would have gotten 1st. The tourney ended with me having 2 victories and one draw/tie-breaker victory.


I got 2nd place overall. I had a really good list, but there was a dark eldar player that actually scored 3 more victory points than I did...oh well! I got to play a familiar person, a cranky person that tried to disqualify me and cheat me of VPs, and a really cool, decent player. Was a wonderful experience, and I'll naturally be trying to cover more local tourneys in the future. Ideally they will have pictures...

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Congratulations on your wins. Sounds like you have a good time overall.