Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IG Elites Breakdown 1/2

IG Elites...the worst of the best. They are all so much better than regular guardsmen, but you actually have to pay a non-cheesy amount of points per squad for them...pft.

Hey, folks, Kasrkar here, with another breakdown of sorts. Forgot the topic that I wanted to do, so I figured I'd look into IG elites a little more in this post. Again, it's been a little while, so forgive me. The Elites section has always interested me in that it sort of isn't amazing, unlike almost the entirety of the rest of the book. Anyway, let's start this little breakdown with the gentleman pictured above!

-Marbo- Summary: Where to begin...this guy is basically Rambo with a letter in his name swapped for another. He comes with a plethora of sneaky rules, including stealth, fleet, move through cover, fearless, and a mandatory lictor-like infiltrate deployment. He cannot join a squad, and has a fairly nice statline of WS5, BS5, S3, T3, W2, I5, A4. Also has a few little special wargear pieces, including a pretty useless yet awesome sniper pistol, a 2+ poisoned close combat weapon and a demo charge.

-Verdict: I've used him several times, and in each game he has really added a lot of fun and flair. While he isn't super potent/survivable and tends to actually blow himself up a lot, He can be a handy little distraction for 65 points. IG players, take him, atleast in fun games. You'll be surprised by how much he adds. I think that we IG players have had our fun annihilating people, and that most of us need to add a few more dinky units like Marbo into our lists.

-Ogryns- Summary: 40 points per model gets you WS4, BS3, S5, T5, W3, I2, A3. Yeah...wow. Each guy also comes with furious charge and a ripper gun, which is S5, AP- assault 3 12". I would honestly like to see ogryns on the table more, but I don't expect that since a single ogryn is 20 frakking dollars. Really, GW, is that really very necessary? Not cool at all, if you want a squad of 10 of these guys, good for you, but your wallet gets my sympathy.

-Verdict: I've only seen ogryns in action a few times, and whenever I do see them, they don't tend to do a lot. The most I've really seen 3 ogryns do is mow down 80 points of fire dragons, which isn't too difficult. I still think there's a lot of fun to be had with these guys, and 5 ogryns and Yarrick in a chimera sounds uber tempting. I really wouldn't advise taking these guys. Marbo is one thing because he's easy and fun to convert, but a $100 squad of 5 is too rediculous. Still, if you're feeling ogryn fever, just throw some ogre leadbelchers from fantasy on some round bases. They're actually half the price of ogryns, and don't look any more strange in an IG army than the ogryn models.

-Storm Troopers- Summary: So, basically a regular guardsmen with BS4, a 4+ save, an extra close combat weapon attack, krak grenades, and an 18" AP3 lasgun. That sounds like quite a bit more than it is, since these dudes each cost as much as a space marine. They come with deepstrike for free, and also have an interesting little rule called 'Special Operations'. This allows them to get one of the following: Scouts and move through cover, the ability to re-roll the scatter die when deep-striking, or infiltrate and having their weapons count as pinning the first time they fire. I will admit that they are bit overcosted, but I know a lot of players (myself included) that have kicked some ass with them.

-Verdict: First of all, the models are pretty darn cool, and not as expensive as some of the other elites. I have scouted these guys, deep struck them, outflanked them, and thrown them in a valkyrie. I can say with ease that the valkyrie option is the most effective. I've learned that these guys really aren't that bad for their points. Taking a bare 10 man squad with no upgrades has served me well, and they often can make up their points without much trouble. Proxy some of these guys. I've enjoyed using them a lot, and they actually have quite a bit of kill potential. With that, I add one more thing...how can a gun be S3 and AP3? It punches right through power armor, but it has trouble with skin.

Well, that wraps up this post. I discovered that covering all of the elites choices would reek of TLDRness. At some point soon I will be covering the psyker battle squadron and ratlings. I will try to post more regularly, and get some slightly more interesting content going. The breakdowns come easily to me, and with this I would like to try and get more IG players using storm troopers and such. Comment if you'd like, tell me if you want me to cover a certain army, or rant more on the mechanics themselves over armies. I intend to try and paint up my IG and get some decent battle reports coming in as well.

Goodnight folks, and have a nice week.

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