Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jaybie's tournament report

Hello, all, it's Jaybie coming at you again with the report on the same 1000 point tournament as Kasrkar. As you can tell by the picture above, I performed less than optimally. Not surprising, seeing as the list I took was:

Chaos Sorcerer w/ Lash of submissision, mark of slaanesh
9 Khorne berzerkers w/ rhino, Skull Champion w/ powerfist
10 Chaos Marines w/ lascannon, plasma gun, icon of slaanesh, aspiring champion w/ combi-melta, rhino
4 Terminators w/ Combi-meltas, chainfists (Okay, yeah, the 50 point terminators hurt, but I didn't have time to convert them into obliterators)
vindicator w/ Demonic Possession

No pictures of the army, because it was barely painted, but I will get around to painting them soon, I promise!

So, on a warm Saturday morning, we stepped into the store, hoping for victory! In our little group of tournamenteers was Kasrkar, Kasrkar's bro, Grandpa Rhino, and myself. As people began to filter in for the tourney, I felt a litte confident; There were a lot of marine armies, just who I was hoping to play!

As first round was announced, I was not pleased when I heard that I was playing Kasrkar. I was of course beaten soundly, and thrown down to table 7 out of 8 for round 2. In other games, Grandpa Rhino ended up facing a guy who brought Blood Angels, and tabled him utterly, While Kasrkar's brother faced another blood angels army, and drew.

So, round 2, I get paired up with a guy named James, and when I ask him what he's running, he replies, "Guard." Great, just great, I think. I make an army to face marines, and what do I get? His list was, as far as I can remember:

CCS w/ 4 meltas, astropath (Not really sure why he included the Astropath, seeing as he didn't hold anything in reserve)
Veteran Squad w/ Camo cloaks, 3 meltas
Veteran Squad w/ camo cloaks, 3 meltas
3 Valkyries with Multiple rocket Pods, multi-lasers, heavy bolters

The mission is Capture and control with pitched battle deployment, and he gets the first turn. He deploys his valks over to the left flank, with his CCS in one and a vet squad in another. He places his objective behind some ruins to his right flank, and sets some vets to watch over it, as well as his manticore. I deploy my objective opposite his, and put my CSMs to guard over it, and then I place the vindicator and the sorcerer/zerks opposite his objective as well, with the termies in reserve. I try to seize, I fail. Turn one his manticore opens up, immobilizing my zerk's rhino and the vindicator. My berzerkers decide to take the hit, and leg it across the board, and my termies come down turn 2, and blow his manticore sky-high. His valks open up on my berzerkers, forcing 21 saves. I roll. 2 1s, the rest 3 and above. This is about when my opponent started to get sour. my berzerkers and the last terminator slaughter the vets defending his objective.

This is when he does something which I still can't explain; he turbo-boosts his valkries a good 12" away from my objective, and then grav-chutes his vets and CCS out in front of my immobilized vehicles, meltas at them, and does nothing. I decide to capitalize on this, and run my csms away from the objective, and fire into the vets, causing 11 wounds, which should wipe them out. Then my opponent claims that he gets cover, because I'm firing over ground-level quicksand. I have to show him the section on cover in the rulebook, and so he finally gives in. with both of his troops dead, there's not much he can do, so we end game there, with a 1-0 victory to me!

In other games, Kasrkar pulled out a victory against some marines, Grandpa rhino lost to some Grey Knights on table 1, and Kasrkar's Brother put the hurt on some Salamanders.

Round 3, I was feeling confident, since I had been pushed up to table 5 with my victory. I was playing against some Space Wolves, and let me just say that this was probably one of the best games I have ever played. My opponent was a great sport, even though the dice completely deserted him (Seeing him roll 4 1s for his long fangs, and then laughing about it convinced me of this). This game was very tactical, and had I not made several tactical blunders, I could have killed off the last of his grey hunters and won the game, instead I lost, but I didn't mind.

So, after 3 great games of warhammer 40k, what was my final result? 15th!....Out of 16 people. But still, I had fulfilled my three goals going into it, which were: a) Win 1 game, b) don't get last, and 3) Never get tabled. The same store is having a 1250 tournament in a couple of weeks, and I intend to show the great guys there that the scions of chaos are never truly defeated...

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