Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chaos Chosen Tactics

Today I will be exploring a rather unusual chaos unit, the Chosen. At face value, they don't look really great, for 3 points more than a basic Chaos marine, you get infiltrate, and an extra point of LD. But when you look at their options, you see their magic. 5 special weapons? Look that up in the dictionary, and you will see "See entry on EPIC WIN." Anyway, Upgrades:

Special Weapons: Definitely take a lot of these.
Heavy weapons: Ahhh, probably not.
Icons: Useful, definitely useful.
Meltabombs: 5 points a pop, so why not?
Combi-Weapons: Same price as Special weapons, and worse, so probably not.
Aspiring Champion: I don't think so. For 10 points, extra attack? No.
Special Close combat weapons: Probably not, if you want a good CC unit, look at Termies. Much better value.

So, several units that I think are takeable:

Chosen unit 1: 5 Chosen w/ Meltabombs, 3 meltaguns - 145 points

Cheap, and versatile. With a lot of melta weapons, this is going to give any tank a very bad day, from range and assault. Deployment for this: I would say no deployment, hold them in reserve, and then outflank with them. If you want to, you could also get them near to the enemy lines, maybe blow up a tank or two, and hopefully distract the enemy for a turn, while the rest of your force moves up.

Chosen unit 2: 5 Chosen w/ 5 flamers - 115 points

Super cheap, and incredible against light infantry, this is a good unit to take if you know you're going up against a lot of IG, nids or orks, and it can even put a dent in marines.

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