Sunday, October 10, 2010

Battle report: Chaos vs. Chaos


So, for my first battle report, I will post a Chaos vs. Chaos battle that i fought against my friend Carter. I was going to take pictures, but about a turn in, the camera burned out, so I will have to simply describe it. So, the 1000 point army lists were:

The Host of the Eternal Rot (Carter)

Chaos Lord w/ Terminator armor, Mark of Nurgle, chainfist, combi-flamer

14 Plague Marines w/ Flamer, Meltagun, Aspiring champion w/ power weapon, plasma pistol

10 Chaos Space Marines w/ Icon of Khorne, Plasma pistol, flamer, Aspiring Champion w/ plasma pistol, power weapon. Rhino w/ Combi-flamer, daemonic possession.

Predator w/ Heavy Bolter sponsons, extra armor, combi-flamer.

The Warhost of Vashnaar the Tormentor (me)

Chaos Sorcerer w/ MoS, Lash

6 Khorne Berzerkers w/ Skull champion w/ Powerfist

6 Thousand sons and 1 Aspiring Sorcerer w/ Meltabombs, Gift of Chaos

7 Chaos Space Marines w/ Meltagun, Icon of Khorne

(x3) Rhino w/ Daemonic Possession

Vindicator w/ Daemonic possession

The Battlefield:

We were playing on a 4' by 4' table. in each table quarter area, there was a ruin, next to the ruin to my left was a forest, and to my right, in between two ruins, was a hill with 3 trees on it. There was also a moderately-sized ruin in the center.

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment type: Pitched Battle

Deployment: He deployed first, setting up his Plague Marines tightly packed behind the ruin to his left, his Predator in the center, and the Rhino full of Marines on his right. His Lord was held in reserve. My deployment was quick, seeing as I had a completely mech army. I deployed in an "L" formation between the forest and a ruin. The sorcerer deployed with the berzerkers in their rhino, in the center of the L. The CSM's rhino went to the left of the Berzerker's rhino, the Vindicator to the right, the Thousand Son's rhino behind the CSM's. I failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1:

In Carter's turn, the plague marines stayed where they were, the rhino advanced along the table edge to his right, while the Predator moved 12" to hide behind the center ruin. My movement was a little more aggressive, with all of the rhinos moving in a line toward his rhino, to my left, with the CSMs in front, the Thousand Sons in the middle, and the Khorne Berzerkers in the back. The Vindicator moved 6" to get a clear line of sight to the Predator. The shooting phase was slightly unsuccessful, with the Vindicator firing at the Predator, but missing widely.

Turn 2

In turn two, the Terminator Lord failed to show up. Carter's rhino moved up, and disgorged the CSMs inside behind the ruin to the left of my deployment zone. The Predator stayed right where it was, content to hide like the coward it was. In the shooting phase, the CSMs ran 6" behind the
ruin. In my turn, the Vindicator adjusted position slightly, and my CSMs disembarked from their rhino, their sights set firmly on the enemy Rhino. The other rhinos moved up. in the Shooting phase, the Vindicator took another shot at the Predator, which also scattered wildly. The CSM with the meltagun fired at Carter's rhino, immobilizing it.

Turn 3

Carter's Terminator lord showed up, teleporting in between the Khorne Berzerker's rhino and my Vindicator. His predator finally moved up, It's gun crew getting a lock on the CSM's rhino. The shots hit, one penetrated the Rhino's armor, and what did he roll for damage? A 1, which was ignored by the Daemonic possession. His Terminator lord ran 2" closer to my Vindicator. in my turn, the CSM's rhino ran away. The CSMs in question moved up to face down the Predator, and the Sorcerer and the Khorne Berzerkers disembarked from their rhino, heading towards the Terminator Lord. The Vindicator moved so that, tracing Line of Sight through several windows, it had a shot at the Plague Marines, who were still hiding behind the ruin. in the shooting phase, the Khorne Berzerkers and Sorcerer fired their pistols at the Terminator Lord, failing to harm the almighty champion of the Plague God. The Vindicator fired on the Plague Marines, getting a direct hit. The Plague marines threw themselves desperately to the ground. Even so, 2 of them were killed by the massive blast. The CSM with the meltagun missed the Predator horribly. In the Assault phase, the CSMs assaulted the Predator, and their determined grenade throwing resulted in the stunning of the crew. The Berzerkers assaulted the Terminator lord along with the Khorne Berzerkers. The Sorcerer was first to strike, failing to do anything at all, as did the rest of the Berzerkers. The Terminator lord responded by hacking apart the sorcerer with his chainfist. The Berzerker with the powerfist, known as The Butcher, avenged his master by tearing the head from the lord's shoulders.

Turn 4

No movement in Carters turn. All that happened was the Predator popped smoke. in my turn, the Thousand Son's rhino reversed around the forest. The Berzerkers did the same. The CSMs assaulting the Predator backed away one inch. In the shooting phase, the Vindicator fired again at the Plague marines. Another direct hit! 6 of the Plague Marines were blown apart by the massive shell. The CSM with the meltagun once again missed the Predator at point-blank range, and the Khorne Berzerkers ran 4". In the Assault Phase, the CSMs swarmed over the Predator with grenades, blowing the vehicle into its component particles.

Turn 5

Carter's CSMs finally move out from behind the ruins in my deployment zone, on a collision course with the Thousand Sons. The remaining 6 Plague Marines moved out from behind their ruin, spreading out in fear of the Vindicator's demolisher cannon. in the Shooting phase, his CSMs ran 6". In my turn, the Thousand Sons disembarked, and moved up to face off with the enemy CSMs. The Berzerkers moved up behind them. In the shooting phase, the Aspiring sorcerer in the Thousand Sons squad manipulated the warp, using Gift of Chaos to turn the CSM icon bearer into a spawn! The rest of the Thousand Sons fired into the CSMs, killing 4 more. The Vindicator fired yet another shot at the Plague Marines, which scattered wildly off the table. In fact, it scattered so far that it "hit" Kasrkar's brand new Warp Spiders. The Thousand sons assaulted the CSMs, but neither side killed anyone. The game ended there, a 2-1 victory to the Warhost of Vashnaar the Tormentor!

Final Thoughts: This was a very entertaining game. I was a little afraid when I saw that great big unit of Plague Marines, but i was confident my Vindicator could take care of it. Carter is not an opponent to underestimate, having placed second in a tournament while playing Tau Empire. All in all, a very entertaining game with a good friend. Cheers!

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