Sunday, October 3, 2010

Battle Report!

Hello, folks!

Yesterday I went down to a local gaming store with a few friends of mine, Xander and Robert. Robert also brought along a friend of his, named James. We got in a few games, but I only got pictures from one. During this battle report, keep in mind that James is sort of a noob, and this was only his 3rd game.

Anyway, we were playing 500 points per player, (Xander and James didn't have very many points to play with). It was pitched battle, annihilation, me and Xander vs. Robert and James. Xander was playing his black templars, Robert was playing as chaos space marines, and James and I were using Imperial Guard. I'm a little fuzzy on the lists and armies, but I'll put up what I remember. The minimum was 1 HQ and 1 Troops choice.


-Company Command Squad, 3 meltas, 1 flamer, 1 plasma pistol, 1 master of ordnance

-Chimera, multilaser/heavy flamer

-Veterans, 3 meltaguns, plasma pistol

-Chimera, multilaser/heavy flamer

-Vendetta Gunship, 3 TL lascannons, 2 heavy bolters


-Company Command Squad, 1 sniper rifle, 1 plasma gun, 1 medic, 1 vox caster, 1 plasma pistol, power weapon carapace armor

-Veteran Squad, 3 flamers, grenadiers

-Veteran Squad, 2 grenade launchers, 1 meltagun, grenadiers, plasma pistol

-Heavy Weapon Team, 1 missle laucher, 1 autocannon, 1 lascannon (I told him that he had to take an infantry platoon for this, but we really didn't care since it was just a fun game.)


-Daemon Prince, mark of slaanesh, lash of submission, wings

-6 Plague Marines, 2 meltaguns, power weapon

-6 Plague Marines, 2 meltaguns, power weapon


-Chaplain with terminator honours, jump pack

-10 Initiates, 2 flamers, 1 power weapon

-4 Assault Marines, all have meltabombs, 1 has power weapon, 2 flamers


We lose the roll-off and go second.


I deploy in the middle to try and take care of Robert's chaos marines. Now that I look at my deployment, it was a pretty stupid idea.

Above is the other end of the table. Xander's assault marines are deepstriking, and his lone rhino prepares to run the gauntlet of James' Imperial Guardsmen. Note the heavy weapon team sitting on that structure to the left.

Top of turn 1:

Their shooting doesn't do much. The only damage is a glance to my vendetta from the heavy weapon team. It gets shaken.

Bottom of turn 1:

Vendetta zips to the right to get out of range of the heavy weapons. One of my chimeras adjusts position, the other chimera doesn't move.

Xander's rhino rolls up on the left side of the board, and he forgets to pop smoke.

A volley of multilaser fire, as well as a shell called in by my advisor kills 2 plague marines from 1 squad.

Top of turn 2:

Robert's daemon prince does not arrive. His marines are out of range. The only shooting is from James, who manages to blow up Xander's rhino and kills a templar.

Bottom of turn 2:

Xander's assault marines and chaplain arrive from reserve using deep strike. They scatter behind the heavy weapon team and deal a few wounds from shooting.

My shooting manages to completely wipe out one of the 6 man plague marine squads, as well as reduce the other to 5 men. The daemon prince in the picture shown below shows up next turn.

Xander's templars manage to get into close combat with most of James' army. He kills a lot of guard, but loses a marine. The guard hold.

Top of turn 3:

Robert's daemon prince arrives. The heavy weapons manage to kill an assault marine. Robert's plague marines wreck my veteran chimera. The guys inside are then lashed towards the plague marines and assaulted. I lose combat by 1, and the veterans hold.

Bottom of 3:

My vendetta and command squad put 3 wounds on the daemon prince. Xander's assault marines kill the heavy weapon squad in shooting.

More enemy imperial guard die to templars in the assault. I lose combat by 1 to the plague marines, and hold again.

Top of turn 4:

No shooting. The daemon prince assaults my command chimera, and stuns it. My veterans lose combat by 2 and break. The plague marines fail to chase them down.

Bottom of turn 4:

My veterans rally. Between vendetta, veteran, and command squad fire, the daemon prince dies, as well as the plague marines.

Let's take a peek at how the imperial guard are doing vs. Xander's templars...

Not so great. I shouldn't have to explain the following assault. Robert and James throw in the towel.

Victory: Grey Imperial Guard/Black Templars!

Overall, it was a good game. I got lucky with my veterans and command chimera surviving, due to Robert's relatively bad rolling. I definately made a fair ammount of mistakes. Looking back, I don't really know what I was thinking with some of that stuff. Whatevs, good game, and I look forward to more with these guys.

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  1. You should do more picture battle reports.
    It helps me understand, and it helps with the whole FEEL of it.
    So, you should bring a camera to the meetings.
    Or, I will, if you can't.