Sunday, October 24, 2010

Battle Report! Kasrkar vs. The Verderer!

G'day folks!
Today, I bring you yet another battle report, extra-dry style. This one, however, is slightly more special. I had the honor of facing off against The Verderer's chaos space marines with my eldar. This game was actually quite boring, but still fun, of course. Now, playing my eldar, (which I am not nearly as good with) my chances of victory were slightly lower. The Verderer is quite a good player, and is normally quite aware of my eldar tricks. Now, on with the battle report!
Mission = Capture and Control
Deployment = Dawn of War
My Eldar list:
-5 Howling Banshees
-5 Fire Dragons
-5 Fire Dragons
-10 Guardians, 1 shuriken cannon platform
-10 Guardians, 1 shuriken cannon platform
-10 Guardians, 1 shuriken cannon platform
-3 War Walkers, 2 scatter lasers on each
-Fire Prism
The Verderer's Chaos list:
-Sorcerer, mark of Slaanesh, lash of submission
-9 Chaos Marines, 1 meltagun, champion w/ a powerfist, icon of Nurgle
-Rhino, extra armor
-10 Khorne Berzerkers, champion w/ a power weapon
-Rhino, extra armor
-2 Obliterators
-2 Obliterators
The table had city terrain scattered all about it. Enough to negate some line of sight and give a lot of 4+ cover saves. He wins the roll to go first and passes the first turn to me. I place my objective behind the wall of some ruins on my left side of the table. He places his behind some ruins on my right side of the table.
Deployment: I put 2 squads of guardians as far up as I can near his objective. I was attempting to get him to put some units on that side of the board to deal with them. He expects trickery, and puts his entire army in reserve. I then use Eldrad's divination rule to redeploy the guardians behind the wall in front of my objectives.
-Top of turn 1: My army comes in. I deploy in layers around my objective to give all of my units cover saves. 1 fire dragon squad goes to each side of the wall, the war walkers deploy centrally to have a wide field of fire.
-Bottom of turn 1: Nothing happens.
-Top of turn 2: I turbo-boost my fire prism to the left for a cover save after fotuning it, I also fortune the war walkers and Eldrad's unit. I brace myself for obliterators to shoot at me.
-Bottom of turn 2: His 2 squads in rhinos come in, but neither of the obliterator squads show up. He deploys both rhinos next to his objective, only the rhino with his sorcerer is visible to me.
-Top of turn 3: I fortune my war walkers, fire prism and Eldrad's banshee unit. I sneak forward with both of my fire dragon squads, knowing that he wouldn't shoot them over my troops and heavy supports. I also move the war walkers out and screen them with the banshees. After measuring, I find that only a single war walker can see his one visible rhino. I blast it with my 8 guided shots. Despite only hitting with 5, I still manage to penetrate twice, and wreck it.
-Bottom of turn 3: Neither obliterator squads show up. His sorcerer splits from the nurgle chaos marines as they move deeper behind the ruins next to his objective. His berzerker rhino stays out of my sight.
-Top of turn 4: I fortune up the war walkers, and the fire prism once again, as well as guiding the walkers. The fire prism rolls 12 inches behind a large tower in the very middle of the board. My war walkers, banshees and dragons advance. The war walkers fire their weapons at the nurgle marine squad, choosing to ignore the nearby sorcerer. They can only see a single marine through a window, but they somehow manage to kill 3 after The Verderer rolls well (for once) on his saves. Unfortunately for me, he makes his leadership check. My fire prism, able to see a single tread on the berzerker rhino, takes a shot. It hits, The Verderer fails his cover save, but I roll a 1 to penetrate.
-Bottom of turn 4: Both obliterator squads come in. 1 squad is unable to see anything but my guardians, (who are about 40" away) so they take lascannon shots. He causes a single wound, no cover since he can see half the squad. With the loud utterance of "Going to ground, biatch!" I make my 6+ cover save. The other squad of obliterators blasts at my fire prism, hitting once, then rolling a 1 to penetrate. Across the table, his sorcerer attempts to use lash of submission on one of my distant guardian squads, only to find that he is about a foot out of range. After realizing that he forgot to move his marines, he runs them so that they are out of line of sight of my war walkers.
-Top of turn 5: In addition to forgetting what turn it was and forgetting to move into contesting position with the prism last turn, I utterly fail and don't use any of Eldrad's powers. The prism zooms into contesting position this turn, I pray that the game continues. Since I didn't use any powers at the beginning of the turn, I use mind war on the sorcerer, who is now about 16" away. I fail to deal a single wound. With no other targets, the war walkers blast the sorcerer. After the barrage, nothing remains of the sorcerer but his shiny little power boots. One of my fire dragon squads continues to sneak through ruins towards The Verderer's obliterators.
-Bottom of turn 5: The berzerker rhino continues to hide out of my sight. Still ignoring my fire dragons, the obliterators open fire on my fire prism. 2 lascannons penetrate the armor of the fire prism, and despite shooting a turbo-boosting tank through 2 buildings, I only make a single cover save. The Verderer, however, only rolls a 1 and shakes the prism. I roll to see if the game goes on...a 4! It continues.
-Top of turn 6: Yet again, I completely forget to use any of Eldrad's powers. The fire prism moves about 16" and contests the chaos objective. The fire dragons that The Verder had been ignoring the whole game open fire on one of the obliterator squads, killing both. I'm unable to do anything else...
-Bottom of turn 6: Obliterators find their angles, marines prepare to strike, and the khorne berzerkers finally leave their rhino to assault the fire prism contesting their objective. The obliterators open fire first. They manage to immobilize it. His meltagun misses. Finally, his last chance. He assaults with his chaos marines. His only power fist hits once, penetrates, and he rolls yet another 1 to shake the crew. The rest of the marines attack, failing to harm my prism. Finally, the berzerkers attack, (you will notice that we oddly did attacks in the opposite of initiative order) with a whopping 41 strength 5 attacks. Even with all that, he only manages 2 glancing hits, both of which only manage to shake it again. If the game ends, I will claim victory. A 3 is rolled by The Verderer, and the game ends.
While we both had our fair share of bad rolling, I had better. I didn't lose a single model, but this is mostly because he didn't have a lot to shoot with (and a really awesome 6+ cover save). When it came down to it, It was a very close game. I think that my agressive/tricky deployment and spammy army list helped me secure the game, though. He never came within 24" of my objective, probably, and he was forced to play his offensive army defensively. Overall, it was good game, and very close. My Eldar preformed admirably, and so did The Verderer under the circumstances he was given.

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