Monday, February 13, 2012


Today, I received a text from Jaybie today. It was him yelling at me for not posting on the blog. This text message made me remember one very important fact, and that fact is that I am a writer on a 40k blog. For the last 5 months I have been kept very busy by school, my job as a media technician, and my second job as a Skyrim player. While I cannot say that this will change, I can say that I am going to say for the millionth time that I will try to post more.

So, while it feels like every time I post I have to update what's been going on for the last several months, I will just say that not much has happened. I have been to several tournaments in the last 5 months, some I have no doubt placed in, and the last couple I have gotten 4th with W/W/L and W/D/D.

It is noteworthy that at the tournament before last, I went against the one and only Blackmoor and his Draigowing. I can say from personal experience that he is an amazing player, and I just barely managed to beat him by a mere 2 kill points with my guard.

Anyway, I will jump into the actual post now.

I have not been playing a lot lately, but I've come to a very evident conclusion about my guard. They simply are not the most mentally challenging to play. They can be mentally challenging to succeed with, as Jaybie found out when he tried to use them against my daemons, but they have gotten a little bit old.

The point is, I have not ranked 4th in the last couple of tournaments due to large errors. At no point in the games was I in a situation where I could have made a critical mistake. Most losses/draws with them have been due to bad dice or single critical die rolls. This made me realize that my playstyle is a bit dry.

I think that as a 40k player, I should be able to make critical errors, and not be rewarded by sitting in a corner and shooting the bad guys. This is why I want to start playing my daemons and eldar more. I have also been very inspired by Blackmoor claiming 1st place with his daemons and then footdar in his last 2 tournaments.

So, long story short, I have changed my footdar list around a little bit so that I can use it in larger scale games and not just 1000pts. I plan on getting some practice games in soon, and I will post those if I remember. (I won't lie, you've seen my posting history. I probably will forget).

Here's the first draft of the updated Footdar. It is heavily influenced by Blackmoor, so go check his list/blog out to compare if you'd like.

Footdar V.2! 1,750 pts


-Eldrad Ulthran

What did you expect? A normal farseer?


I've heard the idea of swapping him out for a fortune/doom farseer, and I'm not sure which I should roll with. The avatar serves as an amazing counter-assault unit, but another farseer would give me 3 fortunes per turn. And I could give the farseer eldritch storm, which has actually become one of my favorite abilities. (It would allow more rear/side armor shots on bigger vehicles.)


-10 harliquins, 10 kisses, shadowseer, death jester

I need a solid counter assault unit, and Blackmoor uses clowns. The simple fact that the shadowseer can prevent them from being shot up while they wait is invaluable. Plus they are pretty freaking fast, and hit hard.


-10 guardians, scatter laser

-10 guardians, scatter laser

-10 guardians, scatter laser

I love my little 10 man SL guardian squads. They may suck at shooting, but with as many shots as they can pump out, they will hit something. Plus they can kill rhinos/razorbacks.

-10 dire avengers, exarch w/ 2 catapults, bladestorm

-10 dire avengers, exarch w/ 2 catapults, bladestorm

Every time I mention Footdar, my fellow eldar players start raving about dire avengers, so I've decided to try and play them a bit more.

Heavy Support:

-Wraithlord, bright lance, EML, 2 flamers

-Wraithlord, bright lance, EML, 2 flamers

I really like wraithlords, and I have never used this build with them actually. I feel that it is a necessary build in today's metagame, though.

-3 war walkers, 6 Scatter lasers

What can I say? 24 S6 shots makes me salivate, especially when those shots are guided.

So, my total comes to 1,724. I'm thinking about dropping the upgrades on the dire avengers for 64 points and getting a 5 man squad of fire dragons. Or I could drop the dire avenger upgrades and a single harlie, which would allow me to get a 5 man warp spider squad. Anyway, since I made this list almost entirely based on units I want to get better with and comments from my peers, I would really appreciate your own comments. I'm going to make a post on my daemons and their progress soon, maybe tonight.

Thanks for reading, and happy Valentine's Day in advance.



  1. Not bad. I don't like the fact that there are only 2 weapons in the army that can kill Land Raiders at range, but my space elves are kinda scared. We should playtest.

  2. Evil space elves, I should say.