Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Quick Update

Hey folks, Kasrkar here with a quick update.
I sincerely apologize for my absense in the blog lately, but I'm finally escaping from the laziness that prevented my posting for about 3 months or so. Before I get back to posting my regular things, I figure I should sum up a few of the important events that have happened 40k-wise.

First, right off the bat, you may have noticed the picture above displaying chaos daemons. That is because I have acquired a small army (roughly 1000 points) of daemons. I may or may not have mentioned this, but I made a promise to Jaybie and my brother that I would use my tournament winnings on creating a new army, instead of feeding the hellish cheese-storm that is my imperial guard. I've attended about 5 tourneys since I last posted (yeah...sorry about that), placing in 3 of them, and getting 4th in the other two. This allowed me to feed the daemons pretty quickly.
All I can say about daemons right now is that playing them is kind of frightening, and their success is probably more reliant on dice than any other army.

Next, while hanging out at my local 40k store the last few times, I've heard from a couple of people that I've basically become one of the best players in the state. I'm kind of skeptical, since I play IG, and there isn't exactly a high talent requirement for that army, but this is still pretty cool to hear.
I'm being compared mostly to a space wolf player named John. I've played against John several times, and he could certainly classify as a power gamer. He is, however, a super nice guy once you get past the first few games. He is so far the only player who has managed to beat my IG in a solo tournament. He kicked my ass in our first two games, but in our most recent game, I gave him a thorough stomping (near tabling) in a mission that was obviously and heavily in his favor.

Another name that's come up a lot lately is Alan, AKA Blackmoor. He plays grey knights, and if you're reading this, It's a fair bet that you know who he is, as he has a very nice blog, himself. In my first ever tournament, I got a tiebreaker victory against him with my IG, getting me 2nd place and him 3rd place. He's also, however, the only player to ever defeat my 'Simple Lasagna' style of footdar. Alan actually took 1st place home at a local GT just the other day.
Anyway, I'll leave that at that. I don't mean to stroke my ego with this, but I have to admit it is kind of a neat thing to hear.

For the final part of this update, I would like to welcome GrandpaRhino to the blog. He's been a good buddy of mine for a long time, and he recently moved across the country. His arrival to the blog has been pretty responsible for me and Mr. Jaybie getting back on track with posting, as well, which I appreciate.

Anyway, I'll look into posting some things about the daemons soon. I will be out of town until Friday, but I can write something up soon.

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