Sunday, September 11, 2011

Battle Report! Black Templars Vrs. Orks (Pictures)

Hey there readers, this is Grandpa Rhino giving you my first battle report. I found a Games Workshop to play at, and went over today to find a game. I got there kinda early so there weren't many people around, but after a while I found someone to play with. His name was Brian and he had orks with him. So we decided to play a 1000 point game. Here are the lists we used

Black Templars
HQ: Emporer's Champion, Accept any challenge, no matter the odds.----------------------140

Elite: 6 Sword Brethren Assault Terminators, 3 w/Thunder Hammer-Storm Shield, all with FC vet' skill, 1 with crusader seals-------------------------------------------------------------------------260

Troop: 5 Initiates, 4 Neophytes, 1 Power fist, 1 melta gun, Rhino w/Smoke Launchers--198
5 Initiates, 4 Neophytes, 1 Power fist, 1 melta gun, Rhino w/Smoke Launchers-----------198

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Typhoon--------------------------------------------------------------70

Heavy Support: Vindicator w/ Smoke Launchers, and a dozer blade------------------------133

Orks (I don't know the ork codex too well so a I dont know the point costs and a thing or two might be a little off, but I think this is what he had.)
HQ: Warboss w/ Twin Linked Shoota, Attack Squig, Boss Pole, and Heavy Armor

Elite: 5 Lootas w/ a Kombi-Melta

Troop: 9 Nobs w/ Heavy Armor, 8 Big Choppas, 9 Stikkbombs, one with Boss Pole, kombi-Skorcha and Power Claw
-30 Ork Boys w/ 3 big shootas and a Nob w/ Power Claw and Boss Pole
-10 Ork boys

Fast Attack: 5 Deffkoptas w/ Twin Linked Rokkits

OK. So, the mission was Dawn of war, Base Objectives. The tables at this place are pretty awesome. He won the roll off and took first turn. His Objective is in the tan building under the green template on the right, and mine is just to the right of the measuring tape on the left.

He deployed all his boys in the building with his objective, and the nob squad in the reddish brick building on the left. Based off his list, and deployment, it was time to guess. How was this guy gonna play this game. As he started his first turn it became obvious he expected his nob squad to be invincible. See how they're all in the open in the picture above. Also this picture dosent show it too well but he brought his lootas and koptas on this turn. The lootas are in his building and his koptas are on the left flank. I expected him to rush with everything but the lootas and 10 ork boys. I was really concerned about the potential firepower of the koptas.

On my turn one all my stuff came on. I realized we had both made a mistake. Me, in my guess of his plan, him, in his plan. He was moving up with the 10 man instead of the 30. I was overjoyed. Anyway, on with the report. I was really afraid of the damage those koptas could do to my boxes, and I didn't want to use my smoke yet. So I tried to spook em by killing one or two with the land speeder, and getting them to get closer and shoot at that. Sadly, the 41st millenium space marines decided night vision goggles are for dandys. Things went much better on my left though. I figured I should show him just how puny his nobs are. My vindicator got a direct hit and killed seven! Boom goes the mushroom.

Top o' turn two he forgot to fall for my tricks, and wrecked my championless rhino. Those dang green space plants.

The remainder of the Ork's infantry were almost to the Black Templar Line!  It was time to act. The rhino and vindicator moved aside to target the two nobs and let the Sword Brethren through. And on the left flank there was a Crusader squad that had a rhino driver to avenge.

The vindicator finished blowing up nobs, and I won both assaults. Two of my termies died though. That Warboss packs a punch!

Now I needed to counter attack. I didn't just destroy 70 percent of his army for a tie. I started moving up the termies behind the Champ rhino but then realised the enemy has no ap2. Yay!

Now its time some glory! I need to get in to that objective. My vindy and typhoon kill about ten ork boys. I knew that rhino wouldnt last long and I needed the troops inside. So my two lone termies, charged into 20 ork boys. Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds. They killed about seven. And guess what... They lived! the picture above is actually my enemy's turn after I assaulted. The lootas had 3 targets. smoked rhino, unpenabble vindy, or worthless speeder. Me: "I dare you to shoot the speeder." Him: "You know what? I'm gonna fucking get a kill." and does it. The speeder got imobilized and shaken. In the assault, I killed 3 orks and a nob. But both termies died like heroes.

The Emporer's Champion and his squad assault the remaining 10 orks. And wiped them out. The lootas shot but were unable to do anything. With avenging some termies in mind, the Emporer's Champ detatched and bolt pistoled one loota, then assaulted and killed the remaining four. A tableing victory!

All in all this was a fun game for me. Not so much for my opponent, who later I found out was new to playing orks. I think in his place I would have put the nob in the ten man, and the warboss in the 30, and gone to work. Also I wouldnt have been such a dumbdonkey with the nobs. I gave him some tips, and hopefully next time he'll be the one dishing out the punishment. Basically what happened was my plan from the start was based on knowing that the defender has the advantage. He was going to rush with everything, and if I sat back I had the jump on his offensive force. then I could counter attack to his objective. I didnt try to seize because I needed to make sure I had the charge. Or things would have gone bad. I expected him to move up as far as possible first turn, maybe even in range for me charge on mine, it wasnt quite so but you get the idea. Also for objectives its always great to have that final push. Especially in dawn of war where first turn killing is limited. I assaulted the 20 man with my two termies cause I needed to tie em up so my troops could get to the objective before the game ended (Cutting through 20 orks would have slowed them down) and to minimal resistance. Anyway, It was a fun, cinematic game, and my opponent was a cool guy. When it comes down to it, isn't that what matters?


  1. Well played victory, I appreciate you pointing out my errors=D It will make me a better player.


    Ryan the Dumb Donkey

  2. Glad you already found someone to play with, Grandpa! And Archarsonist, thank you for following the blog!