Monday, September 12, 2011

Anti-Netlist tactics: Lysander Hammertime

Hello, all, and I know I haven't been posting for a while, but MBME will be back with a vengeance after a not-so-short summer vacation. We might even have some painting/conversion articles, I know the three of us have been painting like devils (Well, at least the other two...)

But anyway, today I will start a series of tactics exploring different netlists, and how best to defeat them. The first one, as the title explains, is the most feared Lysander list.

List Overview:
The list is based around Captain Darnath Lysander, as the name suggests. In addition to this rock-hard hero, usually is added a Librarian with stormshield, 2 squads of hammernators with Land Raiders, and finally some tactical marines in transports, or scouts. All in all a very difficult list to beat.

The counter:
There are several different ways to beat this type of list. The most effective way, in the words of Advice Guardsman, is:

I have seen Lysander and his squad butcher their way through 6 nob bikers, and 2 warbosses. Then 30 boyz come along. Dead Lysander.

The other option is more widely usable by many different types of power-armored armies. Send up sever expendable melta squads, blow the raiders sky-high, then blow them away with frag missiles, lascannons, whatever is necessary.

The best counter-army:
The best counter army is without a doubt Venomspam Dark Eldar. Lances can blow up the raiders by turn 1-2, and then your 100-odd splinter shots can do the rest. Since the two land raider termie squads are going to suck up a lot of points, a Lysander army will have very little to threaten your Ravagers at range, since the easiest way to counter Venomspam is to take down the Ravagers (Venomspam! 9 lances to 0 lances in 3 shots!).

Anyway, that's it for this week's Netlist beating tactics. So, feedback? Am I the next Tony Kopach, or am I just an idiot spitting out more junk with which to pollute the internet.

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