Friday, June 22, 2012

Quick Update and 6th edition thoughts

Hey all! Just a quick RTT update, Dark Eldar went 2-0-1 and got 2nd place at an RTT that was unique because it was pretty much only the top players from the local area. I beat Necrons in a tight game, nearly tabled a slightly unconventional mechanized Guard force that ended up getting 3rd, and then drew a more conventional mechanized Guard force that ended up winning. Three of the toughest games I've ever played, and I personally felt that I faced just about the 3 best players there.

So, as we all know, 6th edition is around the corner, and I have been pondering what I'm going to do with it. I'm thinking right now that the Razorwing may find a place in my list once again, and I'm also starting to think that a Wych Cult type army could be in store for the Dark Eldar, not totally sure. I'm getting my copy of 6th pre-ordered today, so we shall see.

But what really excites me for 6th are that my poor Chaos could get a fresh lease on life. Basically, I'm thinking Thousand Sons with some Daemon support. And by Daemon support I mean Fateweaver, of course! Think about it: Rerolling Terminator 2+ saves, rereolling mass 5++ and 4++ saves, and best of all, rerolling smoke saves on vehicles! Since Psychic powers seem to be the rage, taking several small units of Thousand Sons along with Arhiman or 2 Tzeentchian Sorcerers could be a good combination with Fateweaver. Add in some obliterators, maybe a couple bastions with AA guns, and round it out with 2 tiny units of Plaguebearers for last turn objective grabbing, and you've got a pretty effective list that can comfortably take on most of the power lists that I personally see popping up.

Unfortunately, I see no end in sight for Imperial Guard/Grey Knight domination. Both will have access to most psychic disciplines, and Hydras will be cheesier than ever. Psydreads may take a bit of a nerf, which is always acceptable, but if Force Weapons are AP 2, coupled with mass psykers...Yeah, the dudes in grey are still going strong.

Anyway, that's this week's update. I'm sure I'll be posting more about my changes for 6th edition, and hopefully my blogging comrades will too (hint hint...)

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