Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dark eldar are victorious!

Hey hey hey, what's going on? So, today was a pretty cool day. It was the day where Kasrkar and I played in a 1k tournament, exactly a year since our first tournament ever, so kinda special. Anyway, the tournament requirements were 2 Heavies, 2 Fast attack, and 2 troops. Since you didn't have to have HQ, the list I took was:

3 Trueborn with 3 Blasters, venom with 2 scannons
4 trueborn with 4 blasters, venom with 2 scannons
5 Warriors with blaster, venom with 2 scannons
5 Warriors with blaster, venom with 2 scannons
2 Beastmasters with 3 Khaemerae, 2 Razorwing flocks
2 Beastmasters with 3 Khaemerae, 2 Razorwing flocks
Ravager with Flickerfield, night shields
Ravager with Flickerfield, night shields

It's exactly 999 points, which is pretty cool if you ask me. Anyways, so I show up at the tourney, hoping to see a lot of good matchups for myself, and first thing I notice is that there are 4 Guard and 3 tau. Seriously? Anyway, lots of good players, and good armies. So, sure enough, round 1 is:

Round 1: Vs. Darren's Imperial Guard

Vets with Grenade launcher, missile
Vets with 2 meltas
Vets with 2 meltas, Chimaera with Heavy flamer
Banewolf with multi-melta
Vanquisher with heavy bolter sponsons, lascannon
Demolisher with Heavy bolter sponsons, lascannon

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Pitched battle

So, I will the roll to go first, and take it of course. Never take turn 2 vs. guard unless you are going full reserves. I deployed centrally behind a building, holding one unit of warriors in reserve, but deploying their ride. He deploys spread out in cover, with a squad meltavets in the vendetta, and the missile vets in a ruin.

The Game:

He scouted up his vendetta pretty far, so far that I was able to hit it with blasters turn 1 and blow it up, killing 7 of the guys inside and pinning them. I also got side armor on the chimaera with a Ravager and blew it up, killing 4 of the guys inside and pinning them as well. I also killed a handful of the vets on foot, and stun/weapon destroy the Vanquisher. His first turn, despite losing a bunch of stuff, is very good as well. He kills one ravager, stuns the other, and kills a bunch of trueborn when he explodes their venom.

The rest of the game is me stunlocking his vehicles until the beasts can get in and mess them up. I wind up tabling him turn 4, so a round 1 victory for the Dark Eldar.

So looking around at the other tables, Karskar drew some Blood Angels, and there was only 1 other person who tabled their opponent. So, that sets me up on table 1 for round 2.

Round 2: vs. Mabus's Dark Eldar!

Mabus is his Warseer name, and he got 2nd place at our local tournament this year, only a little behind Blackmoor, and got best general, so he is definitely no slouch.

His list:

5 Warriors with blaster, venom with 2 splinter cannons, night shields
5 Warriors with blaster, venom with 2 splinter cannons, night shields
5 Warriors with blaster, venom with 2 splinter cannons, night shields
2 Beastmasters with 2 clawed fiends
2 Beastmasters with 2 clawed fiends
Ravager with Flickerfield, Night Shields
Ravager with Flickerfield, Night Shields
Ravager with Flickerfield, Night Shields, 2 disintegrators, 1 darklance

Mission: Seize Ground (3 objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead

So, our lists are very similar. We talk a lot during tournaments, but rarely ever play each other. So he wins the roll for fist turn and takes it. He sets up ready to go after me turn 1, I set up behind a big piece of terrain, and hold one squad of Beasts in reserve.

The Game:
So, on his first turn he rushed up with his stuff, he managed to kill most of my beast squad, who ran off the table when I forgot that beasts are LD 5 instead of 3, oh well. My turn I hurt both beast squads, but just piss them off more. His beasts assault my ravagers, and do nothing, he takes out one of my warrior squads and their ride. I kill all of his beasts, and one of his Ravagers, and he makes like 7 Flickerfield saves in a row, at this point I am pretty sure he will win, he is too.  His next turn, he kills all the trueborn, but I make more than my share of flickerfield saves.

So turn 5, he is holding 2 objectives, I have none. I contest both, and then I remember that there is a warrior squad in an immobilized venom sitting next to an objective, so they get out and claim it. We roll to see if the game ends, it is a 1. A narrow victory to (my) dark eldar! So on the table next to us, a Tau player basically crushed a guard army, so I find myself on table 1 in round 3 vs.:

Round 3: Vs. John's Tau!

So John got 3rd at our local GT, AND is the only person who can regularly beat Kasrkar. Will the tough matchups never end?

His list:

Etherial with 10 firewarriors
2 Crisis suits with TL missiles, flamers, a bunch of crazy stuff
6 Firewarriors
6 Firewarriors
7 Pathfinders with Devilfish with all the works
4 Gun drones
2x 2 Broadsides with Blacksun filters, 2 shield drones, the slow and purposeful thing, target lock

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War

So, this is going to be tough, with all those Blacksun filters. So I'm happy when he wins the rolloff and takes 1st turn. He deepstrikes his Drones. So, to heighten the tension, I'm going to go turn by turn:

Tau 1: John moves on his army, pretty spread out. Pathfinders hiding in a building, little firewarrior squads thrown up really far.

Dark Eldar 1: I move on, beasts roll an awesome 1 and 2 for fleets. I kill one little squad of firewarriors.

Tau 2: He stays mostly still, ready to shoot the crap out of me. In his one real mistake of the game, the drones deepstrike very close to some beasts. His broadsides kill one of my Ravagers, another wrecks a venom, his other shooting puts a few wounds on some beasts, nothing too impressive.

Dark Eldar 2: My beasts move toward the Drones, ready to draw blood (Coolant fluid?). My other vehicles shuffle around to get good lines of fire. I kill a few pathfinders, a few drones from the broadsides, and stun his Devilfish. Not that impressive. The beasts assault the drones and tear them a new one.

Tau 3: So, we knew that this would be the last turn. I think he gets a little over-exuberant in his attempts to get kill points, as he makes a few mistakes. For one, he seemingly suicidally moves out a unit of firewarriors to kill some trueborn. He kills them, and the rest of his shooting doesn't do much. Some battlesuits assault some beasts, they slap each other a little and stay locked in.

Dark Eldar 3: So, he was ahead by 1 Killpoint at this point. I needed to kill 2 units of his. With that in mind, I killed the Pathfinders down to 2 guys, and prepared to assault his firewarriors with some beasts. The pathfinders run. The beasts kill the firewarrors easily. So now it's down to the battlesuit/beast combat. The beasts manage to wipe them out, securing a 3rd victory for the Dark eldar.

So, final tournament results I am the only undefeated, so I take 1st. A tau guy went win win draw, so took 2nd. And my round 2 opponent took 3rd. With the prize support, I got a new ravager, to complete the spammy trifecta.

So, a successful tournament. Any comments?


  1. Nice Jaybie. It sounds like your army is getting better. I just wanted to correct that John is not known for consistently beating Kasrkar, as Kasrkar beat him last. Insult not the Sensei! But anyway, good work, and it sounds like you had lots of fun.

  2. Okay, somewhat regularly, at this point I think it's John 2 wins, Kasrkar 1. So technically, I'm right.