Friday, April 20, 2012

Battle Report! 1000pts Black Templar vs Necrons!

Hey guys, Grandpa Rhino here, making the first battle report in quite a while. Sorry for that. Anyway, to the report!

I went down to my local place this weekend looking for a game because I promised Kasrkar I'd make a report. I got there a little late but managed to squeeze in most of a game, and this is that game. By the way, I gotta say I'm really loving this new place. The Games Workshop in Bowie. The vibe there is really great, really friendly, and everybody knows their stuff. If you're in the area, you should head over!

The Black Templars
Emperor's Champion w/ Accept Any Challenge No Matter The Odds (What a mouthful...) -140
6 Sword Brethren Assault Terminators, 3 w/ TH/SS, Furious Charge Veteran Skill, one with Crusader Seals -260
5 Initiates, 4 Neophytes, w/ Powerfist and Melta, in a Rhino w/ Smoke Launchers and Searchlight -199
5 Initiates, 4 Neophytes, w/ Powerfist and Melta, in a Rhino w/ Smoke Launchers and Searchlight -199
Fast Attack:
Land Speeder Typhoon -70
Heavy Support:
Vindicator w/ Smoke Launchers and Searchlight -129

The Necrons
(Little fuzzy, and I don't know the codex. But I will try my hardest. If someone knows the codex and could correct name and point costs, I would be very grateful.)
Imotekh the Stormlord
10x Immortals
5 Warriors w/ Ark?
Fast Attack:
5 Wraiths, one w/ coil, the rest with pistols
Heavy Support:
995 points

The game was Dawn of War Annihilation 
He wins the roll-off and goes first
His deployment:

He's got the immortals with Imotekh on his right flank, the Ark with warriors on his left, and the Five wraiths backed up by the two barges in the middle.

My deployment:

Now, let me explain. I don't know the Necron codex. So. I assumed everything he had could destroy anything I had, and I felt like the only safe way to go would be to castle, and this was really the only terrain on my table half. We added another piece on after I deployed to even it, and my Land Speeder was in reserve. I try to seize and fail.
Turn 1
He moves up with everything, except zooms one barge to his right, probably to try and flank me, but I don't believe that thing is quite fast enough to get there in time to help him. For shooting it is of course night fight due to Dawn of War, but he is very afraid of my Vindy, and shoots at it with his barge in the middle, he does nothing, but I realise that thing only has S7 and S5. And if he stays afraid of the Vindy I have nothing to worry about. 

I peak my vindy out from behind the corner, with the rhino moving to cover its side armor, and the termies moving up to the wall to get ready to counter assault, also they cover the rear amor of my tanks in case a mystical angry Sasquatch appears behind my lines. I want to shoot at his barge and try to spot it with the rhino's searchlight, but begin a game of lower-than-my-usual-rolling. In hindsight I should have pivoted the vindy and shot the wraiths. But oh well. He also fails to see the barge. 

Turn 2
My apologies, I forgot to take a picture of his movement. But this pic taken at the end of my turn shows he moved his wraith's up. Also his immortals moved into a building and the second barge came into sight although far away. His shooting was again unsuccessful. On my turn I moved the Termys through the building to assault his wraiths, I rolled a five and was in. I move my rhinos to give my vindy cover, remembering that evil Sasquatches are only in my daydreams. I again roll low and cannot see a thing. In the assault, things go bad. For one I roll pretty shamefully considering I'm usually a great roller in the assault, and I didn't expect wraiths to freaking have two wounds each and a 3+ invuln. We both end up with two guys dead. As this pic shows:
Turn 3
Neither of us really moved, but he continues to have wonderful nightfight rolls, and blows off my vindy's gun with the flanking barge, and immobilized the painted rhino with the center one. The assault continues with neither side taking any casualties. Pfft.

I figure screw it. Firefights are for guardsmen, Charge! This seems to please my dice a little, and things start to turn around. I move up my Vindy and functioning Rhino to be mobile cover should I win the assault, or the troops in my rhino to be reinforcement if things go bad. I keep the guys in my other rhino back to wait for that arc to get closer. This new Berserk tactic seems to please my dice, and I kill two wraiths, losing one lightning claw guy. (Thats four wounds to one remember, against a 3+ invul. Better than it sounds.)

Turn 4 
The place was starting to close up so this was our last turn. He didn't move in favor of more shooting, and immobilized both my cover vehicles, and wrecked the painted rhino killing more guys than I expected. But I wiped out his Wraiths in the assault phase. Sorry I didn't take a picture for his turn because he didn't move.

On my turn, I moved out and assaulted all his vehicles, on a rush for kill points, I will show the results.
                                                  There was a Barge where that squad is.
                  There was an arc where that squad is, he didn't bother getting his warriors out though.
                                             And there was a Barge where those Termies are.

A 4-1 victory for the Templars! I felt bad accepting this victory, as the game ended right at the worst time for him. He may have still lost, but it wouldn't have been by as much. It was an okay game. I need to learn to  not always just try to castle. It suits my army against other assault armies, but I need to take my combat advantage against shooters. My opponent was a good guy, although sadly I don't remember his name, maybe next time! I'll try to make another battle report over this coming weekend, but I'm still working on getting my list comfortable at 1500, hopefully soon! Until next time, goodbye from Grandpa Rhino.

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