Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick Update and back from the dead!

Hello, all! I know it's been silent lately, but it's been busy with finals and all that. But now that's all over, finally. First, a quick recap of how I've been doing at RTTs, I've been going to almost 1 a week for a while now. All of these are using the mighty mighty Dark Eldar:

2000 points, 3-0, 2nd place
1850 points, 1-2 (If I would have read the first mission correctly, things would have been different...), 8th place
1750 points, 2-1, 2nd place
1250 points, 2-2, 5th place, top of "2-2 bracket".

So, some decent placings. That 1850 point tournament though, that was pitiful. First round I read a mission deployment wrong, turned out it was dawn of war WITHOUT the nightfight...I took first turn vs. shooty Grey Knights...lots of dead paper airplanes. Then the second game lost to necrons when Stormlord's nightfight killed 10 of my vehicles in the first 2 turns...damn Chronometrons. Then I tabled Orks :). Also in the 2k tournament, managed to take down Kasrkar first round 14-6 when I couldn't fail a flickerfield save.

So after many, many games with the Dark Eldar, what are my thoughts?

The Good:

They are such a fun army to play, I must say. Wickedly fast, lots of dice, and a bunch of dirty tricks. A very good counterpoint to my Chaos, I must say.

The Bad:

Firstly, a word on Darklight weapons. Yes, you can take ridiculous amounts of them, and yes they are cheap. However, it will statistically take 12 of them to kill a single AV 12 vehicle. Haywire grenades are nice, but eh. Dark Eldar really lack any reliable anti-tank. I've been thinking about trying some Heatlance Scourges, but I don't know...

Also, it seems sometimes game results will come down to how many flickerfield 5++s I pass. It's such an arbitrary thing for a game to balance on, it gets irritating.

Now that might sound really negative, but I've had a great run with them. I've saved up store credit and actual cash to spend on them once 6th edition drops, and I've got a few GTs lined up for the fall that I hope to take them to. A local event called Duelcon, and a little event you might have heard of called Feast of Blades. Qualifiers for the Invitational are on August 4th, I hope to qualify. Even if I don't, I'll still probably play in the FoB Open.

Anyway, that's the update, I hope that I and my fellow bloggers can get some more articles up soon!

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