Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tournament report: Jaybie style

Hello, all, and time for a tournament report, also known as the beginning of Jaybie's comeback. It was a tournament held by the same store as the 1000 pointer a month or so ago, but this time it was 1250 points, and required 3 heavy support. My list that I took was:

7 naked berzerkers in a rhino
7 thousand sons in a rhino
7 plague marines with a powerfist and 2 meltas and rhino
2 oblits
2 oblits
1 oblit

There were a very good spread of armies this time, with 2 each of IG, Wolves, Tyranids, and Chaos Marines, and then a Vanilla Marine player, a dark eldar player, some Blood Angels, an Ork army, and a Demon army which took 1st overall, and finally some Grey knights.

So, first round is announced, and I find myself against Kasrkar's brother. Great. His Blood Angels army is:

furioso with blood talons
10 assault marines with a powerfist and 2 meltas
5 assault marines with TL las razorback
2 preds, both with autocannon and lascannon sponsons
Stormraven with TL las and TL multi-melta

The mission is DoW annihilation, and Kasrkar's bro gets the first turn. He rushes up with the Raven full of meph and the dread, hold everything else back. Basically, nothing in my army does anything except kill the raven, and meph and the dread kill my entire army, with his fire support taking out all my rhinos. So, full VPs to Kasrkar's bro, who got 4th overall, and 200 VPs and a loss to me.

Next round I draw a Guard player who has a rather unusual list. It is, from memory:

CCS w/ lascannon team, chimaera
10 vets w/ 2 meltas, plasma, lascannon team, chimaera
10 vets w/ 2 meltas, plasma, lascannon team, chimaera
Valkyrie w/ multi-laser
Leman Russ Vanquisher w/ Lascannon, Knight Commander Pask
Leman russ punisher w/ heavy bolter sponsons

This guy had just finished being beaten up by some Demons, so he wasn't in the best mood. Especially when i steal the initiative. The mission is 5 objectives, pitched battle. First turn my oblits take out the valkyrie, and he retaliates by killing most of my thousand sons and their transport. In the next couple of turns, Kharn murders the Punisher with 6 penetrating hits, the lonely oblit deepstrikes and kills a vet transport, and the 2 remaining berzerkers take down the occupants. The obliterators caused a lot of havoc this battle, and drew a lot of fire, and only in the last two turns did my opponent remember that this was an objective mission, and to target my scoring units, but it was too little, too late. 2-1 victory goes to the Chaos Marines.

Final round is announced, I draw an ork player, and thinking back, this is undoubtedly the best game of 40k I have ever played. The ork list was:

Warboss w/ cybork body, power klaw
Big Mek w/ kustom force field
5 Meganobz w/ 2 combi-skorchas, combi-rokkit
20 boyz w/ nob w/ power klaw
20 boyz w/ nob w/power klaw
12 boyz w/ nob w/ power klaw, trukk
3 Battlewagons, all with armor plates, boarding planks, deff rollaz

This mission was spearhead 2 objectives. This game was unbearably close, coming down to a final tank shock from a battlewagon to the plague marines, i death or gloried it with a melta, and then the PMs held in combat. It was too little too late, however, as the meganobz caused too much damage, and it was a 1-0 win to the Orks.

So, with a 1-2 record, I figured I probably got 11th or 12th out of 14. So I was absolutely shocked when I found out I had gotten 8th, which was a lot better than I had expected.

Next weekend, Kasrkar and I are heading to a doubles tournament, and we have something special in mind...

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