Friday, December 31, 2010

Pray they don't take you alive...

Hello, I am back from my holiday sidetrack, and with some goodies from Asdrubael Clause. That's right, I got a Dark Eldar army for christmas! 2 Raiders, a Ravager, some Warriors, some Wyches, and an Archon, making about 600-650 points. I have so far played four games with them, and I have come to a conclusion: They rock. I love the new combat drugs, new splinter weapons, and especially the super-fastness of the army. So far, I have 1 draw and 3 wins with them, And I think I'm getting the hang of it.

The draw, which was nearly a loss, was against an Ork army, and at the end of it I had one wych, a Raider, and an immobilized ravager left. Had the game gone on another turn, i most certainly would have been tabled.

The next game, against some Chaos Space Marines, was radically different. I completely tabled my opponent. The superstars of the game were the tanks, which took out all opposing vehicles, but most of all the Archon, who took out all enemy infantry, which was twelve Khorne Berzerkers, and a Chaos Sorcerer. The Soul Trap/huskblade/shadowfield combo is working out very well, seeing as after he killed the sorcerer he was wounding the berzerkers on twos. I was very disappointed by the Wyches in this game, they did absolutely nothing. I also learned a very important lesson: Don't charge warriors into combat. EVER. Unless it's against really weak combat units like Gretchin or Firewarriors.

The next game was a very close win against some Space Wolves. My Ravager proved very good at popping Razorbacks this game, and my Wyches redeemed themselves in my eyes, killing some Grey hunters and capturing an objective to win the game. Also, I learned that Flickerfields are invaluable. Against a rifleman dreadnought, the 5++ invulnerable save did wonders, keeping a Raider in the air long enough to drive my warriors over to an objective to contest it.

The last game I played was yesterday, and proved to me that Dark Eldar can hang in there and win it for you. I was playing against some Ultramarines, and he had made this list to kill specifically Dark Eldar. The game started out badly for me, with the Wyches' raider getting popped early, and then having a whirlwind barrage land on them didn't help, as it killed five of them. In turn two, my Ravager got killed as well, leaving me with not much to play with. The Warriors got out of their raider, and the Wyches and Archon got into it, and ran up to the area where the marines had castled. In turn two, their raider took out the whirlwind in a massive explosion which killed three marines, and shorted out the Archon's shadow field. The Archon and wyches then went on to kill most of the enemy army. But I would have lost had it not been for the Warrior with a splinter cannon who caused enough wounds on the Ultramarine captain's combat squad, and made them run off the table!

So thoughts? A very good army, a master's army, but good still. I'm very pleased with the results so far, as the speed and high amount of dark lances in this army more than make up for generally weak statlines. I plan on soon adding some more warriors, as they are undoubtedly the most useful unit to me so far.

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  1. The Simple Lasagna is coming for you, bro. I challenge you to a 1000 point game once you get more junk.