Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back from the dead and Tournament Report!

Hello everyone! It's Jaybie, back from the grave! I do have an explanation, though. I am an actor by trade and have had 2 shows in quick succession. But I finally have some time to post! So, why not start it off with a tournament report?

I went to a 1750 point tournament at my local game store this past weekend. The turnout was very good, with 18 players. Amongst the armies there were:

3 Chaos space marines
1 Space wolf
1 Black templar
2 IG
2 Grey Knights
1 Necron
1 Daemons
1 Orks
1 Tyranid
1 Blood Angels
2 Dark Eldar
2 Vanilla Marine

So almost all of the races were represented except Tau and Dark Angels.

So, my list for the event was:

Demon Prince with Lash of submission, wings, MoS

Demon Prince with Lash of submission, wings, MoS

3 Chaos Terminators with 3 combi-meltas, powerfist

Dreadnought with TL autocannon, Heavy flamer

8 Khorne Berzerkers with powerfist, Rhino

8 Khorne Berzerkers with powerfist, Rhino

7 Plague Marines with Powerfist, 2 meltaguns, Rhino

2 Obliterators

2 Obliterators

5 Havocs with 2 Lascannons, 2 Missile Launchers

Total: 1,746 points!

Game 1:

Vs. Blood Angels

Capture and Control, Dawn of War

His List:


2 Sanguinary Priests with Jump packs

5 Scouts with 4 snipers, Missile launcher

10 Assault Marines with Jump Packs, Melta, Flamer, Sergeant with Power Weapon, storm shield

10 Assault Marines with Jump Packs, Melta, Flamer, Sergeant with Power Weapon, storm shield

5 Assault marines with flamer, power weapon, Razorback with TL Assault cannon

5 Assault marines with flamer, power weapon, Razorback with TL Assault cannon

Baal Predator with TL Assault Cannon, heavy bolters

Baal Predator with TL Assault Cannon, heavy bolters

Dreadnaught with TL autocannon, Assault cannon

Well, that's a lot of Strength 6 shooting! My Dark eldar would not like this list, but my Chaos really don't care too much. I was wary of Mephiston, and the big Assault squads with power weapons.

Deployment, we roll off, I win and give turn 1 to him, I want my turn 5 objective grabs. Just a note, in this tournament the universal tiebreaker was VPs. He deployed two Razorbacks, everything else coming on turn 1. His scouts infiltrate in a building in his deployment zone. I set up two rhinos 7" from the board edge, and a daemon prince behind a pile of boxes. The board was well set up, with one ruin in each table quarter, a pile of boxes in my deployment zone, and a big ruin in the center. I chose not to seize (Obviously)

His turn one, none of his stuff gets red thirst, and everything walks on, , one squad of 5 assault marines hops in a razor, and starts going toward my objective (Which is behind the boxes). Everything else runs. His shooting manages to kill one rhino. My turn, my stuff came on, except my terminators (in reserve). Shooting did jack, I managed to double lash a squad of 10 assault marines who had gotten a little too close, and assault them with a prince. I won combat, but the marines stuck around.

Turn 2 his stuff opened up on my stuff, killing all but one havoc, who passed morale. The assault continued, prince won again, but they continued to fight. My turn I kind of go crazy, My Berzerkers getting off a huge multi-assault on his Baals, and my prince on one of his razors, all destroying their targets. Plasma cannons killed the scouts and 6 assault marines. Berzerkers charged into the prince combat, and finished off the Blood angels.

After that, It was just a matter of cleaning up. Mephiston caused some damage, but it was too little too late. I nearly tabled him, and prepared for round 2. Ben was a great opponent. He hadn't been playing for very long, and this was his first tournament.

Round 2, vs. Imperial Guard!


His list:

Primaris Psyker

10 Psykers and 1 overseer with Chimaera with heavy flamer

10 vets with flamer

10 Vets with flamer

10 vets with 2 flamers

2 Vendettas w/ heavy bolters

Vendetta w/ heavy bolters

2 Hellhounds


Leman russ battle tank

Gryphon and Colossus

Well, to say I underestimated this list would be an understatement. No Meltas? MADNESS! But I played very poorly.

Annihilation, pitched battle.

I won the roll off, and in my first of many mistakes this game, gave him first turn. Then I reserved my whole army. I did this based off a recent game against Kasrkar's guard where I held my whole army in reserve and drew, and had 2 meltas, 2 lascannons, and a missile launcher been able to kill a vendetta, I would have won. However, this list was entirely different.

Let me just say that this guy was a pro. He was very gracious and joking during the whole game, and a very good guy. It was almost worth having my army trashed! I believe in the end he killed almost my entire army, and I killed one of his tanks. Anyway, a crushing defeat for the Chaos. This guy went on to get 3rd.

Round 3 vs. Imperial guard!

*Double sigh*

His list, as far as I could tell (We'll get into that):

Lord Comissar w/ wargear that seemed to change over the course of the game, but seemed to have some combination of a Power fist, power weapon, carapace armor, iron halo, adamantium mantle (?)

Lord Commissar with same as above

Platoon command squad with lascannon?, chimaera

Infantry squad with heavy bolter, priest with eviscerator, chimaera

Infantry squad with Heavy bolter, commissar, chimaera

50 conscripts

Platoon command squad with lascannon?, the guy who makes conscripts come back, chimaera

Infantry squad with lascannon, priest with eviscerator, chimaera

Infantry squad with lascannon, commissar, chimaera

50 conscripts


Leman Russ punisher with 3 heavy bolters, heavy stubber, stormbolter

Vanquisher with lascannon, Pask

Spearhead, 3 objectives

I win the roll-off, and give him first turn.

Okay, so I give him my army list at the start of the game, and ask to see his. What does he come up with? A sheet that has the details of his heavy support, A sheet that details his HQ, and that' His excuse: "I wrote this at like 3 this morning, so if it's not totally accurate, don't blame me." Well, I had played this guy before, and his lists are never 100 percent accurate...more like 10 percent.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he castled, I pinned him in his quarter, killed his vehicles, and used them as cover to hold objectives. I won on VPs. I will not talk much about this game, because it was VERY frustrating.

So, at the end of the day I came in 4th or so. The guard guy I played in round 2 barely beat some Draigowing to get 3rd, Demons won, and Necrons got 2nd.

So, changes to my army?

Out with the dread. He really added nothing to the army, and just died. Also, dropping the havocs, adding more obliterators. I really don't like the fact that Havocs can't move and fire, or deepstrike. Maybe more termicide, because they really did well, earning their points back in every game, and removing a lot of firepower from the enemy armies.

Anyway, ta-ta for now! There's a 1750 point tournament this weekend, at a new gaming store that is mercifully only 10 minutes away, as opposed to the 35-40 for most stores around here. I think I'll give my dark eldar a spin there.