Sunday, July 1, 2012

First 6th edition battle report will be up tomorrow!

That's right! I'll be getting in a game at 2,000 points with a friend tomorrow for some 6th edition action. He'll use either his Necrons or his Tyranids. Probably Necrons, since he's been playing them a lot lately. I'll be using the Dark Eldar, of course. Here's the list I'll probably be taking:

Haemonculus with Liquefier
4 blasterborn in venom
3 blasterborn in venom
2x 8 Wyches with all the good stuff in a raider
2x 5 warriors with blaster in venom
2x Voidraven with Flickerfield

Allied Dark Eldar:

3 blasterborn in venom
8 Wyches with the works in a raider

So as you can see, I've brought back the voidraven. I think that at least 2 of these will be necessary for DE to win against other Flyer-spam armies that will be popping up. I'll probably keep them in reserve versus armies that have fliers, so they can come on turn 2-3 to pop vendettas and such. Wyches are absolute beasts with the new rules, what with the 6" disembark and the reroll 1 assault die. Also being able to hit Walkers on WS vs WS instead of 6s is a huge help vs. Grey Knights. And glancing hits are deadlier than ever, which is why haywire is great again. Part of me wants to take some Eldar allies for a Farseer with Runes of Warding, but we'll see how playtesting goes.

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